Michael Jackson’s Kids Revealed!

As I recall, the last time we saw Michael Jackson’s children, he was dangling one of them over a balcony in Germany (Or England? Who cares?). But I guess some photogs got tired of trailing Paris Hilton around Beverly Hills and filling up her gas tank, so they decided to hoof it out to Vegas (where Britney Spears is rumored to be working on her new album) and stalk the Jackson kids. The Jackson clan is hanging out in Sin City as Michael bangs out the details on what is rumored to be a comeback show in Vegas. Michael has been notorious for guarding the faces and identities of his children (yeah, right, that’s why Michael Jackson’s notorious…), but he must have let his guard down, because they got some pretty stellar shots of the kids — Prince Michael I, Prince Michael II and Paris — with the nannies at Circus Circus.

Now, the official Jackson party line on the pedigree of these children is that Michael is the biological father, but I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s noticed that they don’t look in the least bit black. I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but, having spent a great deal of time in my life around both people who identify as “black” and people who identify as “white,” I’ve developed what I feel is a strong gut ability to determine whether someone is “black” or “not in any way by any stretch of the imagination even by a long shot maybe just a little bit black.” These kids fall firmly into the second category.

Black or white, though, they sure are freaking adorable. I bet they’re absolute nightmares in person.


3 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Kids Revealed!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now everybody knows the truth, they ARE NOT IS KIDS!!
    No black man can have three WHITE kids.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    if they were, at best, they would look like mariah carey. they look more like justin timberlake. hmm….there’s an idea!

  3. Aaron Simpson Says:

    My Father is “Black” and My mother is White with blonde hair and Blue eyes. And I look by all accounts white, I have straight hair blue eyes and “white” skin…”How can this happen?” you say… Most “black” people in this country are part white. My father’s mother was half white. and his father was also part white. My father is dark and appears “black” however he passed down “white” genes from his ancestors to me…
    Both of Michael jacksons parents are part White. His father even has green/blue eyes. It is very possible that these kids are biologically his. I teach at an elementary school that is 95% black and I see it everyday… Bi-racial kids can look just “white” or just “black” However, in most cases we appear “Mixed” a blend of both races

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