I Liked it Better When it Was Called "The Devil Wears Prada"

Well, that’s not actually true, because I’d much rather see Judith Regan torn to shreds than Anna Wintour. Am I totally the worst thing that ever happened to feminism? It’s actually kind of sad that we have this barrage of my-female-boss-is-a-raging-bitch romans-a-clef (roman-a-clefs? what on earth do you do with that?), but no one ever writes, like, Satan Drives a Chrysler, with the thinly veiled Lee Iacocca character laying off blue-collar workers left and right.


Someone wrote a tell-all about Judith Regan.

Turns out the brains behind the 86’d O.J. Simpson non-confessional, If I Did It, is a raging bitch. Who knew? Oh, yeah. I did.

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