Paris Packs a Pipe Like a Champ

Since it is Celebrity Drug use day I thought that I would post a fun photo of Paris Hilton. You know, from that little site that she is using for publicity. I find this one particularly funny because I think Paris actually does have a redeemable skill other than partying and posing for the paparazzi. I think she is really good at smoking weed. Usually she is smoking with someone else (the person taking the photo in question) but she is always the one packing the pipe/rolling the joint etc…

So for those of you that say “Paris Hilton isn’t talented!” maybe we have found her one true talent. Think about it. Back in the day there was always that person in high school that was just really good at getting that weed ready to smoke.

Since Hollywood is like high school…maybe Paris is just that person. Not only does she buy her friends admission to the hotties parties but she packs their bongs. Beautiful isn’t it?


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