Brace Yourself: Yahoo Had a Good Idea

A friend of mine told me last night that Yahoo! Mail Beta allowed you to open several messages at once, in multiple tabs. My Yahoo mail is really just a relic of my past at this point, because the interface sucks so hard and the spam filtering is worse. But, just for kicks, I decided to switch to Beta today. It’s actually a very nice interface. And by “very nice” I of course mean “Outlook.” But the whole multiple-message tabbing thing is really, really useful. I’m shocked. I haven’t seen anything good come out of Yahoo in years. Come on, Google! Step it up! I need this in my Gmail!

One Response to “Brace Yourself: Yahoo Had a Good Idea”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Glad to hear you like the tabs. Too bad your client of choice doesn’t have them. You could, of course, ditch them and switch to Yahoo! Mail. 😉

    Ryan Kennedy
    Yahoo! Mail

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