Hayden Is Still Adorable

My main illegal squeeze is catching some flack for this video. It’s for a DVD she did for Disney entitled Cinderella III: A Twist in Time. Some reasons you should still love her:

1. This had to have been pre Heroes and any actor would be a fool to turn down Disney cash.

2. She’s 17. Give me a break. What can we expect from a girl who still hasn’t gone to prom?

3. Even though this song is not something I would listen to, it’s Disney through and through, making her effective. And she’s still cute as a button. So enjoy.

(Note: They put an ad before the video, mine was the Goo Goo Dolls appearing on QVC which is VERY sad. Anyway, just do something else during the video. I suggest work. Then tune back in.)

(Note2: Aol seems to be failing at allowing me to embed this video because AOL sucks. Also it doesn’t work in Firefox. So the link is the only way to go at this point.)

Hayden Sings for Disney.

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