Absurd Was Five Miles Ago

Beet mentioned that Zsa Zsa Husband’ Prince Frederick von Anhalt might also be the dad of the wee one. So it’s a three horse race, nothing special of note there. But PLEASE note this:

He said the two started an affair… meeting over the years in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. For much of that time, he said, Smith urged him to make her a princess like his wife.

But short of divorcing the actress, he said the only solution would have been adopting Smith. Von Anhalt said he did consider that and even filled out adoption papers, but Gabor refused to sign them.

To recap: He was kickin’ it with Anna. Next up, she wanted to be a princess, and hell, who doesn’t? I know I do.

One problem: the only way to do it would be to make her his adopted daughter. He was willing to go this route but jerky Queen Zsa Zsa cut them off at the pass.

In essence, he needed to make this chick his daughter so that he could continue banging her. Let that marinate for a bit.

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