Anna Nicole: Day Two

As of 10:30 PST, here’s what we have so far:

  • Prescription drugs were found in Anna Nicole’s room. The pills were in Howard K. Smith’s name!
  • A judge today refused emergency DNA testing to determine the paternity of Dannielynn, but ordered her remains preserved until a full hearing on February 20.
  • It appears that Anna and Howard K. Stern were set to be legally married (their last marriage, it turns out, was not legally binding) in the Bahamas on February 23.
  • The couple were both in Florida yesterday to buy a 39″ boat they planned to take back to the Bahamas.
  • Anna Nicole’s mother, Vergie Smith, is headed out to the Bahamas right now to ask a Bahamian judge for legal custody of Dannielynn.
  • Just in case you’re bored so far, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband of twenty years, Prince Frederick von Anhalt, is now saying that he might be the father of Dannielynn.

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  1. Says:

    Cute picture “Evil”, I was wondering what you actually look like . . . a domestic cat with bad taste in fashion;)

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