Notes on a Press Conference, Part 2

Doc says they will take DNA samples, as is apparently routine in a case like this.

They did not find proof immediately that there was “chronic abuse” of drugs. But he emphasizes that all their determinations so far have been based on observations by the naked eye. Cute moment: “We are not Superman — or Superwoman, because there are women working in our office.”

A reporter asks to speak to the Chief. He steps up to the mic. Reporter asks if there is any truth to the rumors that Howard K. Stern was flushing something down the toilet as officers arrived on scene. Chief says no. Reporter is not willing to let this die: “How about the paramedics?” Chief says no.

Chief says they will not be releasing the 911 call at this time.

Reporter asks “Is it possible for someone to have died from an overdose if you do not find any pills in her stomach?” Is this really a question this dude needs to be answering for you? You need to use this press conference time to get this info? “Hey, Doc, my nose is kind of runny lately, and Sudafed usually helps but lately it hasn’t been doing much for me. The stuff coming out is kind of greenish. What do you say?” Sheesh. Doc says it’s possible. Reiterates that they don’t know anything until the tox reports are back. Doc notes that the only reason they’re doing this press conference so early is to stop any crazy rumors.

Reporter asks if Anna could have been dead for hours before her body was brought to the hospital. Doc says no — body was warm when it was found.

Doc says he plans to preserve the body in order to cooperate with any orders by the court system.

Reporter asks how long the autopsy took. Doc says about six hours.

Doc reiterates that if Anna had taken a “mass quantity” of pills, they would probably have found some of the pills still intact in the stomach. They found no such pills.

Reporter asks if there was any sign of recent plastic surgery. Doc starts to say yes, then corrects himself and says that it was older plastic surgery. That was weird.

Reporter asks if, in the absence of pills, could there have been liquid or inhalants which killed her? Doc says yes and that they plan to check.

Reporter asks if the prescription meds were in her name or someone else’s — of course in reference to the rumors that the pills were in Howard K. Stern’s name — Doc says he didn’t see them himself and doesn’t know.

Reporters are making some reference to “bags you took out” and asking what was in them. I’m not sure what these bags are, but the Chief of Police says it was “evidence from the scene” and refuses to talk more about it. He seems uncomfortable with this question.

Reporters keep asking why she had a private nurse with her. No one’s willing to talk about this.

Someone asks where Howard K. Stern is. The question is ignored.

Chief of Police peaces out, but Doc hangs around a little longer. Someone asks him if the amount of drugs found in her room was “excessive for one person.” Doc dodges the question. Explains patiently to reporters that the relevant issue is not how many medications were found in a bottle, but rather how many medications were found in her body. Heh. “That’s not a legitimate question,” he says. I like this guy.

Again he will not reveal how many medications were found in the body. He won’t answer, but says that “there were a number of them.”

Someone asks again where Howard Stern is. Again, nobody answers.

Conference over.

Read Part 1 of this liveblog here.


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