Your Daily Anna Nicole Dump

No news day would be complete without an update on the Anna Nicole saga. To summarize today’s findings:

The 911 call from the day of Anna’s death has been, um, either released or .. acquired. Listen to all the non-excitement of it here.

Anna Nicole’s former bodyguard, Alex Denk, has thrown his hat into the Dannielynn-paternity ring, bringing the number of potential daddies to five.

Anna Nicole’s mother has hired a lawyer to help in her quest to have Anna’s body released to her for burial.

Anna did have a will, written in 2001, naming Howard Stern as first executor.

And where there’s crazy, there’s the Barbi Twins, claiming they tried to get Anna to attend AA meetings with them several years ago, but she never called back.

Anna Nicole’s death consumed 50% of the cable newshole on February 8 and 9, much to the chagrin of CNN’s Jack Tafferty, who handled the situation with the sort of tact we normally reserve for vloggers and Shepard Smith.


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