People Who Actually Care About Britney Spears

In all the fun of the Britney Spears Gone Wild saga, it’s easy to forget that there are people who genuinely love this girl and who are hurt seeing her this way. Remember her assistant, Felicia Culotta? She goes by “Fe” (pronounced “Fee”). As I recall, she was Britney’s mom’s best friend back in the day, and was Britney’s assistant for the better part of her career. And remember Ruben, the guy who used to run He left the site awhile back, leaving behind him a scathing message about Britney’s loss of “identity and credibility.” He went on to start a new website, That Other Blog, which is a general celeb gossip site. A couple of days ago, he wrote this (really really long) article about how much Britney sucks right now. I’d summarize it better, but I didn’t read it (it’s long). But it does contain this line: “Where did her mom go? Where did Felicia go? Does it surprise you that even her mom is nowhere to be seen?” Ehhhhhnyway, Felicia actually responded to that part of Ruben’s editorial, with this letter:

Once again–I commend you for your Honesty and Integrity. I have been reading your new website daily and am grateful to have that to go to, to check on the antics of Britney. Britney doesn’t have a Publicist for me to clear this thru first, so it will come directly from my heart to you!

I am writing in response to “Where is Felicia?” on your editorial.I am home–in Mississippi…….I am now a trained Corporate Flight Attendant and fly with a tiny jet company out of Georgia. I am also a substitute Preschool Teacher at the Church Preschool in my town. I LOVED being with Britney for the past 9 1/2 years. I enjoyed being a part of HER dream, but now, am living my own dream.

I cherish ALL the incredible opportunities that came my way thru my job with Britney and am crushed/saddened/heart sick by the way her life is unfolding…….

I want you to know Ruben that WE (as in her Family and nearest and dearest—ALL of whom are NOT on the payroll anymore!!) are doing EVERYTHING in our power to get help for Britney and all in our power to NOT pad the bottom or move the bottom, so when she does indeed hit rock bottom, she’ll stand up and walk away from this whole fiasco a new, confident, changed, career driven Britney like we all knew and loved.

There’s just so much you can do to help a person—I don’t dare want to be an enabler, and I cannot love her enough for the both of us. I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself. All I can do is be a friend, someone that loved her for MANY years unconditionally, and PRAY. That, I have decided is the most and best I can do for my friend. I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another—ANYONE!

It’s been a hard reality for me to face. I have lived my best example daily, and that is ALL I’m capable of. To see what’s transpiring now, makes me feel a failure, defeated. I LOVED and BELIEVED in what I was a part of for the past 10 years and was so incredibly proud of Britney and all she’d become.

All that to say this Ruben–I’m so Southern, and the BEST way for me to tell you how I feel is to say—You can just kick an old Dog so many times before he gets off the porch. I, FELICIA, am OFF the porch!!

Thank you for ALL you’ve done–ALL the love and support over the years. ALL the non-judgement and ALL the Honesty!

PLEASE let me know if there’s ANYTHING I can do to repay your kindness. With as much sincerity as I can Muster,


Boy, I’m sure Britney is really excited to see this thing circulating the web. Actually, I’m sure Britney hasn’t even noticed, because she’s drunk right now, like she has been for the past three months. REHAB, Britney. REHAB.


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