Dakota Fanning Hates Her

I just read that Abigail Breslin will be taking her stuffed animal Curious George to the Oscars.

A few questions:
1) Does he get a swag bag?
2) Does he get a seat? (If so, shouldn’t some Somali refuge get that instead? I mean really.)
3) If she wins the Oscar® will Dakota Fanning sign up for a transvestite role in a fit of rage?

Okay, I guess she’s just a cute little girl who was in that humour-filled hit movie Little Miss Sunshine. We at the Beet wish her and her Monkey friend all the success in the world.

*Also, I like using British® spellings. Eat it.

**Did you know that the word curio means the exact same thing as curious? This might save you some time in the future.

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