Brit Brit Goes Bald!

My lonliness is killing me and I…I must confesss I still believe, when your not with me I go insane I shave my head…Rehab baby one more time.

She actually looks kind of pretty with the shaved head but after watching this video the girl is really disturbed. Unless we want another Anna Nicole on our hands somebody needs to help this girl. I’m suprised she didn’t bring her babies to the tattoo parlor.


2 Responses to “Brit Brit Goes Bald!”

  1. d mumsie Says:

    She’s crazy like a fox, her hair is wiped out from over color and weaves, she did the shave to save it.. then tattoo’s are fun. She heard the message and will respond. Justin told her not to booze and drug herself so she’s gotta get in shape, become someone he would loved to be publically linked with. Let everyone think I am looney, sympathize and remember, I got a album coming out and it might be lesbo added, like courtney and jennifer kiss me or something like that? What babies? Oh.. THEM?! Yah.. I love my kids more than anything.. but hey, gotta pay the bills right?

  2. Says:

    This is starting to turn into a “Full Metal Jacket” situation.

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