Rehab #2 Featuring Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has checked out of the Wonderland treatment center she has called home for the past month. She is still going to be participating in outpatient therapy but now she is free to whore herself around at various Hollywood hotspots.

She is also now free to devote her full time to her movie “I Know Who Killed Me.” I guess its something about a girl with a dual personality. Didn’t she already play that part in “Freaky Friday?” Honestly my favorite Lindsay Lohan movie is “Mean Girls.”

I’m glad she did her 30 days inside rehab, even though if it was a bit rocky due to her need to be seen by the paparazzi shopping, goes out to clubs, ect…

Lets hope that she stays clean and sober!


4 Responses to “Rehab #2 Featuring Lindsay Lohan”

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