Britney Parties Through the Weekend

When you get really high on a Friday night and do something completely stupid like shave all your hair off, probably your best bet is to just stay fucked up the rest of the weekend. Oh, and buy a wig. But don’t spend too much money getting a nice one, because you’re probably just going to take it off when your head gets hot and then accidentally pee on it.

Brit partied all weekend, from the Roxy to the Mondrian to the Polo Lounge — not exactly low-profile haunts — in this cheesy blonde wig. It seems like the only party west of the Mississippi that she didn’t hit up was Paris’s b-day party in Vegas.

Her aunt, Wanda, tells the New York Daily News that Brit had been saddened by the death of her aunt Sandra in late January. “Last time I saw her was the funeral. She seemed fine, but we were all very upset.” So everyone’s pointing to the death of this aunt as the cause of Brit’s downward spiral. This is not in keeping with her rep’s statement that “Britney has been through a tragic thing that hopefully will never happen again, shaving her hair was a sort of therapeutic thing for her.” Because obviously if she still has an aunt who’s alive enough to give quotes to the Daily News, we can’t reasonably hope that Britney will never have to deal with an aunt dying again. These people need to get their stories straight.

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