Oh Praise Jesus — Britney’s Hair Is Still For Sale

It’s not on ebay anymore, but you can buy it through BuyBritneysHair.com. For the low, low price of one million dollars (as a minimum), you can own Britney Spears’ hair and submit it for drug testing! (That last part is important, millionaires!!) They’ll also throw in her Bic lighter, the Red Bull she was drinking, the scissors she used and … drum roll please … their domain name!!! They will donate a “portion” of the proceeds to charity. So like $500 or so. To the “charity” of their kids’ college tuition.

This is a very very good week for Bic and Red Bull. Not such a good week for Brit-Brit.

Oh, and Sirius and XM are merging. Good week for Howard Stern, too.


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