Wonder What Ever Happend to That O-Town Guy?

Remember Ashley Parker Angel? The O-Town guy who had his own MTV reality show, “There and Back?” He had a baby, he made an album, and he hit the charts with some forgettable single. I thought that was the run of this second shot at fame but now he is on Broadway in the hit musical, “Hairspray.” This guy essentially spent 5 years of his life on a reality TV show and I guess deep down he has always wanted to be a Broadway Baby. He joins Alexa Vega (from countless Lifetime TV movies and I guess some other stuff) in the Broadway company. Diana DeGarmo (from American Idol) just left and the un-cute Duff has also been in “Hairspray.”

So if you are in NYC and you are a big ole Ashley Parker Angel fan check him out on the great white way! Click here for his MySpace.


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