SHOCKER! Brit’s Hair-Shaving May Have Been a PUBLICITY STUNT!

Esther Tognozzi, the owner of the salon where Brit shaved her head, called into Ryan Seacrest’s morning show today. “I had my vertical blinds closed,” she said, “And the bodyguards … opened the blinds, supposedly to see who’s back there … and somebody got a very clear shot of her in the back of my salon.” Ryan asks if it’s possible this was all a set-up for publicity. “Do I have to answer that?” says Esther. And — this is so funny — without missing a beat, Ryan’s all like “Yes.” Like he’s Jack McCoy or some shit. Of course she doesn’t have to answer that. But she does: “Could be.” Ryan pushes the matter further, looking for a soundbite. “It’s Hollywood, Ryan,” says the owner of a run-down hair salon in Tarzana, to the host of American Idol. You can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, yeah, of course Britney wanted people to take pictures. Otherwise she would have shaved her damn head at home.

Listen to the audio here.

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