BritneyWatch 2007

So what’s Brit up to, now that she’s ditched out on rehab for the second time in a week? Rumor has it she doesn’t have any money, because her family froze her credit cards (can they do that?). She called up one of her back-up dancers to spring her from Promises. She was spotted at the Chateau Marmont in WeHo earlier today, and just recently was seen at the law offices of defense attorney Barry Tarlows (down the street from Marmont). And, yes, she’s back to wearing that ridiculous blonde wig.

The Federline camp has announced there will be no comment. We haven’t heard anything from Britney’s camp yet.

Stay tuned. We’ll be bringing you all the updates as BritneyWatch 2007 continues…

One Response to “BritneyWatch 2007”

  1. Says:

    I will be doing my part by watching from my private balcony just off of Sunset Blvd. There’s been a lot of drama in my neighborhood lately.

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