The Meth-Faced Barton Sister

Who knew she had a sister? Anyway, if you care Mischa Barton’s sister, Hania, 19, is in rehab. I hope she is staying there cause this girl has crazy addict eyes. Woah.

I guess back in the day she wanted to be a rock star. Looks like she skipped the rock star part and just went onto the washed up addict phase. Smart. She’s part of the messed up young Hollywood set. Gosh without her and Linsday Lohan who are they going to turn to for leadership?

All of these drugged out pics, including the one above and the ones on Perez Hilton come off the CobraSnake website. Check out some great photos of hipster douchebags. CobraSnake is the same dude who is the “mentor” or whatever to poor little rich girl Cory Kennedy. For those who need a laugh check out her bizarre blog. I guess for a while he just liked following her around and called her is “intern” which I guess is photographer speak for f-buddy. This guy seems to have a great track record with young girls. Hania, allegedly was a fixture at the same kind of parties as Cory.

Somehow I think people should get in trouble for throwing parties for strung-out underage girls. This “Hollywood Scene” seems to just be getting dangerous for these young girls. Seriously.

Rehab. So hot right now. Rehab.

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