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Fur is Fun?

November 29, 2006

I used to live in Virginia, pretty close to the PETA HQ. I found them to be kind of freaky, because frankly I find zealots of every stripe to be kind of freaky. Plus my blood thirsty desire for filet mignon was in direct opposition to their desire for me to subsist on a diet of sorghum and wheat germ. So I figured we’d agree to disagree there.

But now they are going after an issue close to Beet territory, women, and the clothing of said women. They’ve named their worst dressed list, and of course it’s all about who is wearing fur. Four ladies take the bullet: Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen, Christina Ricci, and Eva Longoria. All are chastised for being uncaring little animal killers.

I guess the thing that bothers me is trying to dictate others behavior due to your own personal beliefs. There are things I do that I simply wouldn’t expect of others. For instance, if a spider is in my home I do my best to a) ignore it or b) place it gently outside my home. This is simply because spiders kill other insects which I may like even worse. Now I know some people hate spiders and immediately throw a hardcover book on them. I’m totally cool with that, live and let die and all that. So I just feel like if I say “Ok, don’t kill the Minks” (who are, it must be said, vicious little animals) then next people will be trying to take my Mountain Dew Code Red Extreme SportZ Edition because it’s too eXtreme or sporty for their liking. You get my point, and that’s why I’m calling PETA dumb here.

EvilB or EviltT, if you’d like to tell me why fur is murder and perhaps do the whole “I’d rather be naked thing” I will watch respectfully, promise.