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Bam Margera Ties the Knot

February 6, 2007

Everyone’s a famewhore. Despite the fact that nearly every single couple who films an MTV series about their relationship ends up divorced (I guess Ozzie and Sharon are still together, but I think he’s too high to notice), people are still standing in line to have their dirty laundry aired to the entire cable subscriber base. Bam Margera and new bride Missy Rothstein, who tied the knot in Philadelphia on Saturday, have allowed MTV’s cameras to follow them through each step of the wedding planning. The resultant series, Bam’s Unholy Union, began airing on MTV last week.

When Rothstein was asked about the MTV curse, she responded, ”We don’t live in Hollywood. It’s not two celebrities coming together, fighting over the spotlight. It’ll be a nice memory that, years from now, we can look back on, and we have the entire process documented.” Translation: “I wanna be on TV more than I want my marriage to work,” which is, probably, the sentiment that makes this curse less of a curse than the natural follow-on to that line of thinking.

Margera and Rothstein met in sixth grade, but didn’t start dating until two years ago, after Bam ended things with his psycho ex-fiancee, Jenn Rivell. Bam has also been linked with Jessica Simpson (during her married years, at that), and confessed the affair to Howard Stern.

Of course, no story about Bam Margera would be complete today without a brief reference to the fact that his uncle (and occasional Jackass co-star) Don Vito is currently scheduled to stand trial for feeling up some underage girls (and we’re talking age 12, not 17). Now that’s something we should have had on tape.

Late-Night Links

February 5, 2007

I love it. Farrah Fawcett gets cured of cancer, so we get to care about Ryan O’Neal for all of five minutes, during which he manages to get arrested in a physical altercation with his son, who has managed to knock up a girl who is literally half his age. You cannot make this stuff up. [Tabloid Whore]

Britney Spears: still dumber than you. [Celebrity Smack]

I don’t know how Bam Margera has stayed out of prison this long, but his uncle wasn’t so lucky. Because, see, Bam’s never been so good with, like, knowing where to draw the line, but he’s at least peripherally aware that it exists somewhere between a 12-year-old girl and her breast. [Ninja Dude]

Check out the Hannibal Rising trailer. []

Important things I learned this weekend: The Colts are from Indianapolis. The Bears are from Chicago. So can we be done talking about football for awhile now? [Agent Bedhead]

Paris Hilton wins the latest battle in her quest to shut down keep her name in the headlines. [Hollywood Backwash]

Liz Hurley even manages to make her nip slip look classy. [Celeb Slam]