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Really Late-Night Links

February 1, 2007

If you’re wondering where Lindsay Lohan acquired her penchant for rambling, nonsensical epistolaries, look no further than her father’s most recent jailhouse opus. [Pop on the Pop]

Aw, Danny Tanner can still make his little girls smile. [Agent Bedhead]

Turns out Courtney Love can stay sober and plant absurd rumors about how she’s being considered as a judge for American Idol and categorically deny them, all at the same time! Yet, basic spelling continues to elude her. [Defamer]

Tara Conner’s no stranger to any type of blow. [ICYDK]

I hadn’t heard of Lily Allen until sometime last week, but this girl’s getting really famous really fast. [popbytes]

The gossip and sports blogospheres collide with the sound of Gisele Bundchen getting pummeled by Tom Brady. [The Big Lead]

Memo to Tyra Banks: We are done talking about the weight you’ve put on in the past couple of years. We did it for a day or two, got it out of our systems, and we’re ready to move on. We’d really appreciate it if you’d allow us to do that. Step away from the fat pictures, Tyra. Please. Love, The Blogosphere. [The Blemish]

Bill Gates can’t get away from Jon Stewart fast enough. [Cele|bitchy]

Late-Night Links

January 8, 2007

Shanna Moakler continues her image rehabilitation tour by dating Jenna Jameson’s soon-to-be ex-husband, porn producer (and sometime star) Jay Grdina. It’s neat how both Shanna and her ex-husband, Travis Barker, have managed to find new love in porn stars. [Celebslam]

Check out the video for J-Lo’s new song, “Que Hiciste.” [popbytes]

Smashing Pumpkins rocker Billy Corgan is hooking up with Certifiably Insane Recovering Heroin Addict Courtney Love. [Agent Bedhead]

Paris Hilton runs out of gas in Beverly Hills, hangs out and flips through a scrapbook while the paparazzi run to get her gas. Rough life. [NYP]

Former SNL star Chris Kattan gets engaged to some hot chick he would totally never have landed had he not found some measure of fame playing Mango and Mr. Peepers. [Pop on the Pop]

Awww…this is really cute! Total hotties Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer, who both play doctors on House M.D., are engaged. Congratulations! [Cele|bitchy]

Hey Guess What? Courtney Love is Crazy!

January 4, 2007

Courtney Love once again treats us to her own special brand of crazy, as she posted her New Year’s resolutions on her website, without thinking to run a spell-check (or a sanity-check) beforehand. The New York Daily News picked up these items as their favorites, but you can get the full list here.

* Have a happy satisfied child and family

* sell the pony get a new horse

* try this “thin” anthropoligical experiment — get to my goal weight healthily and stay there

* cahnt for the war in Iraq to cease asap

* chant for Hillary to win

* learn an asian language

* dont peek at tabloids and bad websites, as it absouloutly shatters the Law to make that cause agiants yourself.

* have fantastic sex with commitment and honour with someone whoo treats me as i deserve and dont give my power away


* hopefully start another family someday — soon. meet that guy

* know that Kurts spirit is tended to and tend to it daily



* another year, another year without even wine no matter how hard i try to justify that “wines okay” knw that is the demon voice and put it out of my thoughts

* dont go to nightclubs with 19 year olds

* stay pissed off at the world for song usage

* no more surgery for any reason other than medical until i really need it in my 60s

Late-Night Links

December 5, 2006

The OC‘s Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody decide to call it quits. In real life, not on the show. Are they still on that show? Do I really care? No. [Tabloid Whore]

Eddie Murphy reportedly announces to a Dutch television show that he’s no longer dating Mel B. (aka Scary Spice) and now questions the paternity of her child. His rep says these reports are false. Maybe Eddie needs to take a tip from Gwyneth Paltrow and brush up on his foreign-language skills. [TMZ]

Um…related? Eddie Murphy is dating film producer and Babyface ex Tracey Edmonds. [Bossip]

I’m Not Obsessed has a good index of YouTube clips from the VH1 Big in 06 Awards. [I’m Not Obsessed]

George Clooney’s pet pig dies. Perhaps this will send him into a drunken emotional tailspin, hitting up Hyde every night with new BFF Stavros Niarchos, culminating in a glorious George Clooney crotch shot. Is that too much to ask?? [Junkiness]

I love Jennifer Garner. After her weight gain kicked off rumors of another pregnancy, she decides to just fess up: “Nobody’s pregnant. I am as physically unfit as I’ve probably been in my whole life.” [Pop on the Pop]

Oh good. Tori Spelling’s writing a memoir. People notes that the opus will “likely be done with the help of a ghostwriter.” I would, honestly, be much more interested in the stunning work of literature that Tori Spelling would surely produce if left entirely to her own devices. [People]

Two Beckhams for the price of one Courtney Love? You’ve got yourselves a deal, England! [popbytes]

Lindsay Lohan ::Hearts:: Courtney Love

November 8, 2006

Since I’m loathe to let other news fall through the cracks on Britney Spears (Divorce) Day, I must note that Gawker ran a piece today containing an excerpt from Courtney Love’s new book, Dirty Blonde. The excerpt was an email conversation between C-Lo and LiLo. The subject is the nasty profile Vanity Fair ran on Lohan. If you read very carefully and slowly, it’s almost like they’re using the same English language as I do.

Subject: Keep your chin up
I realise now that as hardcore as it was, it made me alot more interesting and somehow employable. Keep your chin up. Noones giving it a second though. I bet its hard because you’re in it, but just keep creative and surrounded by good people. Courtney

Subject: Re: Keep your chin up
You first off, are so amazing, and introspective and kind and I really admire your perspective on things, as well as you taking the time to be so curteous in my situation and these sickofans that invest in our lives that we work for and aspire to have. People that are so unhappy with their own lives that they have to pry and lie about anothers . . .
But again, you, second off, its really rad that you’re even emailing me and have so much care to give me your insight because you’re bloody fucking genius in all the things you do, amongst all the shit you’ve been through . . .
Can we meet sometimes and talk and chat like normal people so that I can pick your brain?
Also, my mommy says hello and she loves you tons. Hehe 🙂 . . . I need to go to a gym! Peace and Love, Lindsay

Link Me Hard

November 7, 2006

They are remaking Dirty Dancing, and Mario Lopez is on the short list of celebs to star in the Patrick Swayze role, and still I wait, patient and hopeful, for my Lark Voorhies comeback. [ICYDK]

The Anna Nicole saga continues. This week, she’s worried her son is sad in the afterlife, because “he doesn’t know anybody.” [Junkiness]

Courtney Love is finding it hard to get laid in sobriety. [MollyGood]

Check out the first single from AmIdol‘s Chris Daughtry, “It’s Not Over.” Honestly, an AmIdol fourth-placer is calling his first single “It’s Not Over.” I can’t even pick a joke. [Tabloid Whore]

The Los Angeles Galaxy wants to sign David Beckham if he doesn’t renew his contract with Real Madrid. [BBC Sport]

Is Nick Lachey planning to propose to Vanessa Minnillo on his birthday this Thursday? For the sake of Friday’s blogging, please let it be so! [Hollyscoop]

Fashion Victim of the Week

November 4, 2006

I hate to do this because she is looking sooooo much better but Courtney Love really missed it here. The mismatching prints, the too-short skirt, the oddly mismatching bag and shoes. I give her props for getting sober but now she needs to hire a stylist and come out with a killer new album. I hope that she soon will be voted most improved.

And Another Thing…

November 1, 2006

A lucky garbage man finds 200 nude photos of Marcia Cross in her garbage and is planning to sell them to the highest bidder. Cross has hired a lawyer to get them back. Note to Marcia: a shredder would have been cheaper. [Hollywood Rag]

Mischa Barton and her boyfriend, Whitestarr frontman Cisco Adler, may be calling it quits. [Pop on the Pop]

Viacom Overlord Sumner Redstone puts his dentures back in for long enough to give us a few more soundbytes on why he kicked Tom Cruise to the curb. [Yeeeah!]

Courtney Love reveals that she was pursuaded to enter rehab through the efforts of none other than drunk driver extraordinaire Mel Gibson. The Kabbalah thing she picked up elsewhere. [Hollyscoop]

Brad Pitt learns of his half-naked appearance on a Vanity Fair cover along with the rest of the nation. [TMZ]

Clips from Courtney Love’s Documentary

October 3, 2006

From the British documentary, The Return of Courtney Love. In the first clip, a now-sober Courtney discusses practicing Buddhism and chanting — she chants for, among other things, Lindsay Lohan and horses. In the second, she pulls out the coat in which Kurt killed himself.