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Late-Night Links

February 13, 2007

Justin Timberlake announces plans to launch his own television network, JT TV. I announce plans to throw up a little in my mouth. [POTP]

Remember Lindsay Lohan? [The Blemish]

Mischa Barton does her very best Crocodile Dundee. [Celebslam]

Anna Nicole was cheating … on TRIMSPA! Leave it to CourtTV to get the hard facts in this case. [TMZ]

T.R. Knight is not getting pushed around by anyone anymore! You hear that, Diddy? [Cele|bitchy]

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer pose for some prom post-Grammy photos. [Tabloid Whore]

Paris Hilton won’t have her true commitment to the ground-breaking creation of novel soundscapes diluted by an extended appearance at such self-congratulatory nonsense as the Grammy awards. But you can take her picture real quick. [Defamer]

See? Sarah Silverman is funny. I told you so. [Gawker]

Late-Night Links

January 17, 2007

You can read 800 blogs trying to track down all the red carpet photos from the Golden Globes, or you can just go to’s photo gallery, which has more of them than you could ever want to see. []

The identities of the geniuses behind “My Box in a Box,” revealed. [Blinq]

Fantastic quotes from the Golden Globes. [Glitterati]

Britney Spears is turned down for the Super Bowl NFL network promo. They’d actually rather have Janet Reno. [Agent Bedhead]

It’s a good day in gossip when Helen Mirren gets into a Golden Globes after party, but Diddy gets denied at the door. [Bossip]

I’m Sick Today. Phoning It In. Sorry for the Unfunny.

October 12, 2006

  • Is Natalie Portman dating British billionaire Nat Rotschild? Say it ain’t so!
  • Mary-Kate Olsen is totally her new boyfriend’s Mini Me.
  • While taping Oprah on Wednesday, Jennfer Aniston claims she and Vince Vaughn have not broken up, but also notes that they’re not engaged. Um, did anyone mention to Ms. Aniston that there are pictures of the man she’s not broken up with making out with a woman who’s not her floating all over the Internet?
  • I’d be excited to run into Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz pretty much anywhere, with the exception being on my boyfriend’s back. (In tattoo form.)
  • I haven’t written much (read: anything) about the YouTube channel Diddy started with Burger King; while I consider myself Web 2.0-savvy, I have to admit, I just don’t understand how it could possibly work. I feel a little better about that, now, because neither does most of the country.
  • Premiere Magazine lists The 50 Biggest Hollywood Disasters, for your trainwreck-viewing pleasure.