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Late-Night Links

February 14, 2007

Red-carpet photos from the U.S. premiere of Music & Lyrics, starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. []

I bet JC Chasez could give Clay Aiken some ideas about how to use an oversized turnip. [Celebslam]

Vogue‘s Anna Wintour: “You want a fat girl on the cover of my magazine? Fine. Fine. But she is not going to look good.” [DListed]

Pete Wentz makes out with boys. [POTP]

Ivanka Trump reminds us that she is nothing like Paris Hilton. Which is true, because Paris Hilton doesn’t need to name-drop Ivanka Trump in order to get people writing about her. [A Socialite’s Life]

You don’t need photographic evidence to assure yourself that Britney’s a dirty whore. But, admit it, you want it anyway. [Cele|bitchy]

Barrymore and Braff Sitting in a Tree

February 7, 2007

I’m glad Drew has moved past both the drugs and Tom Green and seems to be dating nice introspective guys who write movies to meet Natalie Portman.

Those are my kind of guys. And she was decent on SNL last Saturday too.

I of course speak of Zach Braff and Drew, who are rumored to be mingling though it was of course denied by her publicist. But that’s what publicists do. They would deny just about anything besides charity work and their clients liking gay folk.

So, wrapping up, If you’ve been in the business 42 years and are still barely 30 I wish you all the happiness in the world. Hugs for Drew.

Drew Barrymore Single for 30 Seconds

January 10, 2007

Great news for the eight of you who still secretly harbor that boyhood crush on Drew Barrymore. According to Us Weekly, the actress has called it quits with her boyfriend of five years, Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for The Strokes.

According to sources, Drew, who is five years older than Moretti, “said they needed time off.” Moretti has reportedly moved back into his own apartment.

The two seemed like a good match, according to their friends. Says Barrymore pal Courtney Love, “Drew has always had a taste for subculture,” which doesn’t seem to mean anything at all in this context. In fact, the more I try to make it mean something in this context, the more my head hurts. Can we just get back to fabricating quotes that make sense, Us Weekly?

Oh, good. Here are some more quotes from “sources” regarding the split: “He’s younger, and she’s more worldly. He doesn’t like the Hollywood stuff. He doesn’t get her friends.”

But don’t rev up those E.T. fantasies yet, boys. “This is exactly what happened last time they took a break,” says a source, from which we’re apparently supposed to infer that they might get back together. Because, you know, the last time they took a break, they totally took a break. Just like this time. See? Subculture. Continued the source, “Lemonade. Tattoo. Engine coolant,” from which it is clear that Drew just adopted a cat.