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Dude, You’re Getting a Quesadilla

October 24, 2006

Gawker Stalker reports that Benjamin Curtis, who starred in the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell” commercials several years ago, is currently waiting tables at Tortilla Flats on Washington and West 12th. Remember when he got arrested for trying to buy weed? This is so much better.

Somebody is a Copycat

October 23, 2006

Going through Page Six this morning I realized that they have a feature called the “Celebrity Star Map”. Now click on this link and you can run your mouse over a map of Manhattan and see where various celebrities have been spotted doing various noteworthy things. If you are a local New Yorker, you too can have your star sighting posted on the internet. Their site is a bit sad, with only three sightings which include Jacob the Jeweler, Dr. Ruth, and Julia Roberts.

This sounds quite similar to something that Gawker instituted a few months ago except that Gawker’s is quite cool, and quite popular. They have twenty-five sightings including Anne Hathaway (talking about how fat her fellow actresses were…um, honey you aren’t exactly Nicole Richie), Parker Posey (evidently being a bitch but I love her anyway) and Anderson Cooper (who could also be my boyfriend if he wasn’t playing for the other team).

So really Page Six, I know you are trying to jump on the bandwagon but Gawker is kicking your booty.

We Now Actively Miss You, Jessica Coen

October 16, 2006

On Friday, I wrote that we would miss Jessica Coen at Gawker. Those carefree days of future-Jessica-Coen-missing are, today, tragically fallen by the wayside. Jess has been gone for less than one day, and, in that time, Gawker’s run approximately 18 “Ask Lloyd Grove” items, each of which is every bit as wildly amusing and relevant as the last.

Please come back, Jessica.

On the flip side, Heather Cocks is rocking the fuck out as Defamer’s guest blogger today, if that’s really her writing. Don’t get me wrong, I think Heather is a riot, but the voice sounds more like Seth Abramovitch or Mark Lisanti than Fug’s blogger. But what do I know.

Radar is Back! Ashlee Simpson is Puking!

September 5, 2006

Radar wants you to know they mean business this time, reporting exclusively that Ashlee Simpson showed up at a MisShapes party (I bet Leigh Lezark looked unhappy) with Pete Wentz, whom she straddled. (The Evil Beet has learned exclusively that this Pete Wentz is the bassist for a band called Fall-Out Boy.)

Apparently all the Manhattan hipster awesomeness was as nauseating to Ashlee as it is to most of us left-coasters, and she spent a portion of the night vomiting in the bathroom. Radar’s trying to spin it like she drank too much, but don’t worry, Ashlee, anyone who’s seen a Blue States Lose feels your pain.

Picking up the Pieces: Is It Sweeps Week Yet?

September 2, 2006

Not much today, kids. Not much at all.