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Some Notes for Dr. Isobel Stevens Regarding Compound Interest

October 20, 2006

Hi Izzie.

I’ve provided some links for you regarding the power of compound interest.

Here’s the Wiki on compound interest.
Here’s a compound interest calculator.
And an informative article from
Even one from The Motley Fool.

I mean, I know a medical education’s no MBA, but the refrigerator?

Come on, Izzie.

The British Are Brilliant

October 10, 2006

From today’s edition of The Sun.

[via BestWeekEver]

[you know, I accidentally mistyped that as BestWeedEver, and it occurred to me that, if you were smart, you’d buy that domain name]

What the Fuck is Going on at E! Online Right Now???

August 31, 2006

From their front page right now:

In case you can’t read that, this is what it says (emphasis mine):


Updated Hourly

1. Justin Guarini
2. Britney Spears
3. Paris Hilton
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Jessica Simpson
6. Ashlee Simpson

Oh my God, what is going on? Who are you people? What could you possibly hope to find?

It says “Updated Hourly,” not “Updated in 2002.” I checked three times.

Help me understand.

Update: The kids at his fan site have helped me solve the mystery. Thanks for your hard work, guys!

Today in Genius

August 11, 2006

I checked my spam folder in my Yahoo mail today, and low and behold, Yahoo had been polite enough to shuffle its own outgoing spam directly into my incoming spam folder. So no human ever needs to see it! Now that’s progress.

You know what else is a kind of interesting graphic?

Breaking: Mary Kate Olsen Was Not a Good Intern

August 9, 2006

Britain’s Telegraph had the good sense to contract the services of Anna Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, to write a brief column on the plight of today’s fashion intern. The whole article is a riot, containing insights like that “the actual process of acquiring an internship has become one of the most common forms of nepotism, with parents relentlessly calling in favours [sic] from friends (I must admit to abusing a few connections myself), while hard-working, intelligent and deserving students are frequently turned away so that some eminent person’s daughter can have the job.” Thanks, Bee.

So far, this is all data we could have acquired from the average Conde Nast wannabe at UC Boulder. Bee, can you puh-lease pull some of those Wintour-spawn strings and shed some light on a topic hidden from the rest of us mere mortals? Of course, she can, dear readers. Of course she can. Bee obligingly dishes:

Teen actress Mary-Kate Olsen worked for the photographer Annie Leibowitz…I happen to know one of Mary-Kate’s fellow interns and he informed me that she didn’t know what a negative was, and that when she attended a Sarah Jessica Parker shoot, she only stayed for an hour and all she did was sit and smoke Marlboro Reds. Apparently, she not only left the photo assistants dumbfounded, but also Ms Parker, who muttered: “What the hell is an Olsen twin doing here?”

So there you go, from the mouth of Bee Shaffer herself, the totally unnecessary bashing of Mary-Kate Olsen’s skills as a photography intern, with some Sarah Jessica Parker bewilderment tossed in, just in case it tasted a little bland before. This girl has a bright, bright future.

"I’d Go Watch that Movie and Just Drink at Home"

August 4, 2006

I know it’s hard to believe that anything at all got edited out of the Chaotic footage for fear of reflecting poorly on Britney, but if there’s any such gem, I’d assert that this is it.

Please, please, please watch until the very end. If you stop early you’ll miss the conversation on time travel.

Via Bricks and Stones.