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February 16, 2007

From creator Shonda Rhimes’ diary:

So, yeah, that was Denny and Dylan.

I’m trying to be all casual about it.

Like I don’t care.

Like, you know, Denny and Dylan, whatever…I’m cool, I’m good.

But I almost hugged Jeffrey Dean Morgan to death when he arrived on set. He was nice about it considering the restraining order he should have taken out against me during Season Two. I was glad to see him. And I was glad to see Kyle Chandler who was gracious enough to fly out here and film on one of his very few days off from the very well-written Friday Night Lights.
See, I miss Denny and Dylan. A lot. So it was nice to see them for a moment, wasn’t it? Even if Meredith is dead?

You all have some pretty strong feelings about this. I’ve been reading your comments. STRONG feelings. Which I respect. Grey’s is in its third season and we’re doing something a little…different. It’s about time we did. Because, just as I said when you all shouted your horror about the Meredith/George sex, I remind you that we writers like to follow the characters here and we try very hard not to make story just to make story. We like to have a point. Meredith being dead is about…well, you will see what it is about next week. She was in pain, this girl. And…

…okay, I don’t want to talk about that. Meredith being dead at the end of this episode. I can’t. Not yet.



And sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven’t heard this by now, you’ve been living under a rock for awhile.

Read the rest of Shonda’s commentary here.

OH NO THEY DIDN’T (Grey’s Spoiler)

February 16, 2007

If you have not yet seen Thursday night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, stop reading right now. I have written the text below in white. Highlight it with your mouse to view. If you do not want spoilers, DO NOT HIGHLIGHT!!!

I’ve been hearing rumors all week that a prominent, much-loved character on Grey’s Anatomy will die. But it can’t be Meredith! It just can’t! To echo all the other bloggers who have been posting in the past couple of hours: THE SHOW IS CALLED GREY’S ANATOMY! Has a television show at its peak ever done this before? Killed off the main character? The TITLE character??? I can’t think of an instance. Maybe Shonda Rhimes wants to redefine groundbreaking. And cliffhanger!!! THEY CAN’T DO THIS TO US!!! And what was up with Izzie at the end telling George he made a horrible mistake in marrying Callie? That was both random and bitchy. And it was way foreshadowy when Christina was telling Burke about how Meredith is her “person” and then Burke is all like “Now, you’re likening someone here to a corpse.” When I heard that I was all like “Oh, shit, Mere’s so dead.” I have to hand it to them either way, this was an incredible episode, and it reminded me just what this cast of actors, writers and producers is capable of. I guess we’ll just all have to tune in next week. DAMN IT!