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One Leg, One Dream

February 21, 2007

Heather Mills, of Paul McCartney wife fame, will compete on “Dancing With the Stars” which returns March 19th. She will be the first person with an artificial leg to compete which should inspire all those amputees who want to dance while also not being famous.

Who else?

“Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno, boxer Laila Ali, former basketball star Clyde Drexler and actor Vincent Pastore, who played gangster Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero on “The Sopranos,” are also in the cast.”

Thus, Star = Not Star

Remember this handy equation during the show and you’ll be fine.

Late-Night Links

February 15, 2007
Heather Mills kicks the paparazzi’s ass. Literally. [Ninja Dude]

David Arquette likes watching his wife make out with Jen Aniston. How is this news? [Glitterati]

Beyonce photo gallery. []

In college, my friends and I used to play the Movie Title Game. One person comes up with a ridiculous scenario and/or ridiculous pairings of actors, and the other contestants determine the appropriately hilarious title for said film. David Spade is a grocery bagger at Ralph’s? Paper or Spastic? Get it? Okay. So Mark-Paul Gosselaar is a hot-shot lawyer who decides to become an L.A. public defender. His partner? Janeane Garofalo. Go. [Pajiba]

Beyonce does the cover of Sports Illustrated. [Egotastic]

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy got matching hair cuts, which is totally creepier than his new movie is going to be. [A Socialite’s Life]

The set of Grey’s Anatomy has returned to normal. They’re getting into fistfights again. [Cele|bitchy]

American Idol claims another marriage. [PhillyBurbs]

Late-Night Links

January 16, 2007

Now you can cross “See Steven Tyler’s bare ass” off your list of things to do before you die. I know, I know. When you put it on there twenty years ago it seemed a much more appealing proposal. Beggars can’t be choosers. But thankfully his daughter girlfriend is there to add a touch of youth to the image. [MollyGood]

How is it surprising to anyone, let alone someone who has actually had sex with her, that Anna Nicole continues to sell pictures of her baby to the tabloids? Come on, Larry Birkhead. You know you’re loving this. [Cele|bitchy]

Britney and her new parasite drop $40K a night on the Hugh Hefner suite at The Palms. I’m not sure why she needs that rotating bed. You know the whole room is spinning for her by bedtime anyway.* [Pop on the Pop]

Who is Keeley Hazell? Who cares? Her sex tape leaked. [Bossip]

Damn. I was in the Lindsay-Lohan’s-boobs-are-real camp for a long, long time, but now I’m starting to have second thoughts. [Yeeeah!]

Oh happy day! It turns out Gwen Stefani looks human before you airbrush the hell out of her. [Teddy and Moo]

Snore. Heather Mills wins something in her never-ending battle with Sir Paul McCartney. Wake me when I’m British. [Monica Monroe]

*A special congrats to Isaac Cohen, who, having been Britney’s boy-toy for over a week now, has earned his previously irrelevant ass its very own label here on the Beet.

Late-Night Links

January 3, 2007

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer spend New Year’s Eve sucking face. [Mollygood]

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty may or may not have gotten married in Thailand on New Year’s Day. We can state with confidence, however, that they were both high. [The Superficial]

Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have reportedly split for good. I bet he’s realized lately what a huge mistake it was to leave Britney and hopes to win her back. [Pop on the Pop]

Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore may be back together. [Bricks and Stones]

Heather Mills continues her quest to become the single most hated person in all of England. [Glitterati]

Photogs catch Nicole Richie sucking face with Joel Madden on New Year’s Eve. [The Blemish]

Mucca’s Still a Liar

October 25, 2006

Heather Mills isn’t really winning over people’s hearts in the UK. According to this article in the Sun Online “Mucca is a bloody LIAR,” the press in Britian is attempting to expose Heather’s claims that Paul beat and humiliated her as false.

They also go through various statements that Heather has made in the past to expose her as a liar.

Here’s a smattering of lies that they have caught her in:

LIE: Heather told Sir Paul she had only been a topless model. In June we revealed she was snapped in a string of pornographic poses for a German sex manual.

LIE: Lady Mucca frantically denied working as a prostitute. But in July it emerged she was a £5,000-a-night hooker whose clients including arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and an Arab prince.

This is keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. I guess the UK hasn’t had a good scandal in a while. Battling one of the of the most popular figures in Britian in the press isn’t the best idea. It is kind of like getting the people to hate Prince William. You are not going to get them on your side no matter how hard you try. You can cry cry cry that you got one leg but unless you wrote a bunch of popular songs that changed the face of British music, we don’t care much.

For another interesting article on the uphill battle Heather must face in the hearts and minds of the British people check out [Hollywood Gossip Whores]

Thanks [Perez Hilton] for the article link.

Can’t Buy Me Love: The Mills/McCartney Divorce Gets Uglier

October 18, 2006

The Heather Mills/Paul McCartney divorce proceedings have stumbled across a landmine of their very own. TMZ has obtained transcripts of the allegations Mills makes in court documents, which are not exactly a big step forward for social perception of amputees (no pun intended — well, maybe). Mills paints herself as a battered prisoner of war, as helpless and she is legless, begging the abusive warden of Paul McCartney for table scraps, as the ruthless Beatle forced her to cook two dinners a night, single-handedly, to crawl up airplane steps when they weren’t wheelchair accessible, and refused to allow her to use a bedpan at night when it was difficult for her to walk to the bathroom.

She accuses McCartney of abusing drugs and alcohol, of choking her and cutting her, of refusing to let her breast feed, and of denying her the use of his “beautiful spare office in New York.” There’s also quite a bit of them pushing one another into bathtubs. The allegations of physical and emotion abuse date back to 2002, at which point Mills was clearly of the opinion that McCartney could, in fact, buy her love. Or at least lease it until they’d been married long enough for her to get a decent settlement. The couple have one child together, Beatrice, who I’m sure will get a real kick out of reading this stuff when she’s old enough.