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Really Early-Morning Links

December 21, 2006

Sharon Stone and Christian Slater are dating. This is a recipe for … well … lots of really good cocaine. [CelebSlam]

Tara Reid can still get modeling jobs. [Rappy’s]

Josh and Scarlett have come to terms with the fact that they are the sexiest people under 30 on the face of this planet, and they simply have no choice but to date each other. [The Blemish]

Joan Rivers, now officially senile, thinks this country considers Jessica Simpson an intellectual. [Agent Bedhead]

Yes, of course Halle Berry’s releasing an album. What did you expect her to do at this stage of her career? Act? [Pop on the Pop]

Evangeline Lilly’s Hawaii home burns down. This is where I write a joke that demonstrates some background knowledge of Evangeline Lilly or that show she’s on. I have no such knowledge. [Bricks and Stones]

Check out the first track from Whitney Houston’s comeback album. [Bossip]

Joan Rivers Comedy Special Online Now

October 24, 2006

Joan Rivers is my hero, and I am enormously grateful to her for being funny 40+ years ago, so that I get to be funny today (or at least try my damndest). Her one-hour Bravo comedy special, “Before Melissa Pulls the Plug,” premieres tonight, but you can watch it now on Bravo’s website.
Oh, come on. It’s not like you’re doing anything at work.