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Another Beauty Queen…Another Playboy Centerfold

January 12, 2007

So not only has Miss Tara Conner been approached by Hugh Hefner and his people to be in Playboy, but also Katie Rees as well. If you don’t remember Katie Rees she was the fallen beauty queen from Nevada who posed for naughty sexually suggestive pictures during her spring break and was dethroned by Donald Trump even though he had recently given Tara Conner, Miss USA, a pardon for her slutting it up, snorting blow and boozing while underage.

I really think that Hef should create a whole special issue for beauty queens perhaps “Beauty Queens Bare All.” I really think a special issue would sell quite well. They can bring back Vanessa Williams, Aaron Carter’s fiancee for a hot second Kari Ann Peniche, and whatever other pageant cast offs that have graced their pages and add in a bunch of these Miss USA girls. They all seem a bit freaky anyway but what can you expect when the Donald owns the pageant. I bet Vanessa Manillo (a former Miss Teen USA) would be game as well.

This I think is a great idea. If anyone knows Hef please give him the memo…and let him know I love “The Girls Next Door.”

On another note separate from my amazing idea, I guess Katie was also approached by Joe Francis to host a special “Girls Gone Wild.” She turned that down but will be hosting Jeff Beacher’s “Comedy Madhouse” at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for $10,000.