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Pamela Anderson Files for Divorce!

November 27, 2006

Just in my inbox from the Hollyscoop ladies…Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her hubby of only 4 months, Kid Rock.

This really isn’t very shocking but still kind of abrupt. Their boozy wedding didn’t really seem to foreshadow them growing old together but still it is odd that this happened right after Pam suffered a miscarriage. Maybe the idea of having kids with Pam was too much for fun-loving Kid Rock.

I wish there was something more exciting to report than they simply filed under “irreconcilable differences” (think Kenny Chesney and Zellweger’s “fraud”) but I will be poking around the internet today hopefully for something more fun to report. I mean, divorce is sad and all but when you get married in a white bikini, twice, we are allowed to make fun of your marriage.

Kid Kid for Pam Pam?

October 18, 2006

Us Weekly reports that Pamela Anderson, who recently began filming the comedy Blonde and Blonder — call me crazy, but I’m excited for it, and, yes, I watched V.I.P. AND I LOVED IT — and her hubby of three months, Kid Rock, are trying to have a super-hot, Hep C-rockin’ baby.

“Pam and Kid have talked about it for a long time,” says the source. “Kid wanted to get back with Pam partly because of this, but she didn’t know he wanted a child. They are trying really hard right now.”

Us Weekly wants to know if “you think Pam and Kid would be fun parents?” Yeah, guys, how much fun is it when your mom’s a busty blonde sex symbol who’s been naked for the entire country time and time again? Let’s ask Daniel Smith. Oh wait.