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Friday Morning Music

February 16, 2007
It’s pretty clear that I don’t know the rules around here. Is Friday music day? Can it be? I think it can but I’ll never really know.

If you likened the relationship I have with T and B to a dinner party I’d be in a room playing with my toy cars. The two gals would be hosting, drinking champagne (the good stuff too), and in general making revelry. Every once in a while on of them would check in on me and say something like “You doing allright bud?”

I would smile, but it would be abundantly clear that I’d been eating paste. You get the idea.

Now where was I… oh yes, the music! See what I was saying about glue like products? I wanted to throw a very British band out for your consumption this morning, a Japanese kid told me about them so you know they’ve got to be cool.

Enjoy Maximo Park with “Apply Some Pressure”