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Tyson Arrested for Drinkin’ and Druggin’ (and Drivin’)

December 29, 2006

Mike Tyson used to have a viable skill, boxing. Okay, sure, that’s not finding the cure for Polio but you’d have to admit it’s better than say being blonde and producing a silly album (we’ll always have Paris). Anyway, it’s been two decades since he’s done anything even remotely tangible, and since then we’ve had a flood of “Hey, this Tyson guy is nuts” stories. How about another one?

Tyson was placed under arrest after “showing more signs of impairment” during the field sobriety tests. Police then found cocaine on him and in his car, Hall said. The boxer was alone in the car.

The story ends with:

Arpaio said the Tyson had been to the Maricopa County jail before, but as a guest talking to juvenile offenders about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. “The irony is he did a great job with these kids — stay away from drugs, don’t drink, stay out of trouble,” the sheriff said.

I’m not sure that’s irony. Crazy people don’t really conform to the standards of the norm, thus the “crazy” term. He once bit a guy’s ear off. He’s done time in the joint for rape. I don’t think he’s capable of being ironic anymore.

The good news is EvilBeet gets a mug shot to start her New Year off right.