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Is Mischa Barton Smoking Weed?

February 23, 2007

I dunno, to me this looks like it could be a cigarette, but the paps over at Flynet seem pretty sure it was weed. And, hey, they were there. There’s no doubt this chick gets high (I mean, you kind of have to be stoned 24-7 to date Cisco Adler), but you’d think she’d know better than to smoke weed in the driver’s seat of her car in broad daylight, especially with her sister having just checked into rehab and BFF Nicole Richie’s recent DUI drama. But I guess no one really does that sucking-in thing with their cheeks when they’re just smoking a cigarette. But who the hell holds a joint like that? What do you guys think? What is Mischa smoking?

The Meth-Faced Barton Sister

February 22, 2007

Who knew she had a sister? Anyway, if you care Mischa Barton’s sister, Hania, 19, is in rehab. I hope she is staying there cause this girl has crazy addict eyes. Woah.

I guess back in the day she wanted to be a rock star. Looks like she skipped the rock star part and just went onto the washed up addict phase. Smart. She’s part of the messed up young Hollywood set. Gosh without her and Linsday Lohan who are they going to turn to for leadership?

All of these drugged out pics, including the one above and the ones on Perez Hilton come off the CobraSnake website. Check out some great photos of hipster douchebags. CobraSnake is the same dude who is the “mentor” or whatever to poor little rich girl Cory Kennedy. For those who need a laugh check out her bizarre blog. I guess for a while he just liked following her around and called her is “intern” which I guess is photographer speak for f-buddy. This guy seems to have a great track record with young girls. Hania, allegedly was a fixture at the same kind of parties as Cory.

Somehow I think people should get in trouble for throwing parties for strung-out underage girls. This “Hollywood Scene” seems to just be getting dangerous for these young girls. Seriously.

Rehab. So hot right now. Rehab.

Late-Night Links

February 21, 2007

Yay! Trista and Ryan from The Bachelorette are expecting a baby! [Gone Hollywood]

Donald Trump may pull a Britney. [Cele|bitchy]

The Beckham’s actual reality was too dull, so they’ve created scripted characters for their “reality” show. You know, just like every other reality show ever. [POTP]

Kurt Cobain would have been forty this Tuesday. [Bree]

Reese Witherspoon and George Clooney? I’m sure this is not true, but I’ll dutifully pass along the rumor. [Holy Candy]

Paris Hilton’s birthday party in Vegas had not a single A-lister. She partied with midgets and monkeys. She’s probably going to check herself into rehab tomorrow just so someone will pay attention to her. [The Blemish]

Mischa Barton’s kid sister checks into rehab. [A Socialite’s Life]

Nicole Richie pleads not guilty to DUI, writes heartfelt thank-you letter to Britney Spears. [Hollywood Grind]

I Guess Mischa and Nicole Made Up

February 19, 2007

Last I heard, they hated each other, but clearly puppies make everything okay again. (Hey, Splash News, please let me keep the pics up. They’re watermarked! Puppies, Chris! Puppies!!!)

Late-Night Links

February 13, 2007

Justin Timberlake announces plans to launch his own television network, JT TV. I announce plans to throw up a little in my mouth. [POTP]

Remember Lindsay Lohan? [The Blemish]

Mischa Barton does her very best Crocodile Dundee. [Celebslam]

Anna Nicole was cheating … on TRIMSPA! Leave it to CourtTV to get the hard facts in this case. [TMZ]

T.R. Knight is not getting pushed around by anyone anymore! You hear that, Diddy? [Cele|bitchy]

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer pose for some prom post-Grammy photos. [Tabloid Whore]

Paris Hilton won’t have her true commitment to the ground-breaking creation of novel soundscapes diluted by an extended appearance at such self-congratulatory nonsense as the Grammy awards. But you can take her picture real quick. [Defamer]

See? Sarah Silverman is funny. I told you so. [Gawker]

Late-Night Links

February 8, 2007

Teri Hatcher had a lunch date with George Bush, Sr. I’m not sure which of them I feel more sorry for. [Faded Youth]

Lance and Reichen had a love that could have lasted a lifetime … if it weren’t for some dude from Real World: Denver. [ICYDK]

Mischa and Cisco had a love that could have lasted a lifetime … if it weren’t for that picture of his gigantic testicles that made the Internet rounds. [Cele|bitchy]

Breaking: Angelina Jolie is thin. [The Bosh]

Yeah, okay, so Tori Spelling’s like 20 months pregnant, but is that really any excuse to look like Kirstie Alley? [The Blog You Love to Hate]

Blah blah blah … Ryan O’Neal … blah blah son drunk … blah blah blah pregnant girlfriend battered … blah blah blah … Gloria Allred? Jesus. [TMZ]

Will Nicky Hilton face actual consequences for her participation in her sister’s bigoted video projects? Maybe. You know who won’t face actual consequences? Paris. Ever. [MollyGood]

And Another Thing…

November 1, 2006

A lucky garbage man finds 200 nude photos of Marcia Cross in her garbage and is planning to sell them to the highest bidder. Cross has hired a lawyer to get them back. Note to Marcia: a shredder would have been cheaper. [Hollywood Rag]

Mischa Barton and her boyfriend, Whitestarr frontman Cisco Adler, may be calling it quits. [Pop on the Pop]

Viacom Overlord Sumner Redstone puts his dentures back in for long enough to give us a few more soundbytes on why he kicked Tom Cruise to the curb. [Yeeeah!]

Courtney Love reveals that she was pursuaded to enter rehab through the efforts of none other than drunk driver extraordinaire Mel Gibson. The Kabbalah thing she picked up elsewhere. [Hollyscoop]

Brad Pitt learns of his half-naked appearance on a Vanity Fair cover along with the rest of the nation. [TMZ]

Today in What is Mischa Barton Wearing?

July 31, 2006

The black nail polish is my favorite touch. It’s the little things, you know? What do you figure it costs to get a dress like this dry-cleaned? Do the cleaners have to, like, shine the mirrors? The whole thing looks like some hideous second-grade project.

Pics via Celebrity Nation.

Woo Hoo My Sandy Cohen Sighting Made Defamer

July 29, 2006

I am a huge tool. I know. And his dining partner probably hates me for that “same-age” call, but whatever, I’m going to enjoy this. Have you all heard my OC stories? You haven’t? Let me tell you.

Once upon a time, in that blissful long-ago age before the world was engulfed (and promptly regurgitated) by Mischa Barton et al, an unknown, recently greenlit show-that-could called “The OC” began filming in Southern California. The beach scenes were filmed in a little place far outside the Orange Curtain called Hermosa Beach. It’s where I play beach volleyball. Anyone who knows me knows I take my volleyball very seriously, so when I arrived at the beach one fine day to find a fake hot-dog stand and camera crews set up next to my court, I was a little disgruntled. When they were causing such a disturbance and fuss that I couldn’t even play my game, I was downright pissed off. Go film in the OC, I thought, or at the very least in Malibu. But no, they were filming in Hermosa. They were all there, Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody, both of them quite short and skinny (ha!) and talking incessantly on cell phones in between takes. They walked around like they owned the place, very smug without even being famous yet. “I hate you,” I’d mutter under my breath, “I hope your show flops.”


So FOX aired the show, and of course it didn’t flop. And several months later I pull up to what is supposed to be a fabulous seafood restaurant in Marina del Rey, prepared for a lovely evening lobster dinner with my father and my sister, and there is no parking anywhere. There is no parking anywhere because the whole parking lot is filled with trailers and craft services tables. They must be filming a movie, I think. How annoying. I park really far away and begin the long walk to the restaurant, still excited for my lobster. During my walk I notice that they are, naturally, not filming a movie. They are filming “The OC.” At my restaurant. With lots and lots of annoying bright lights.

Whatever. I am still going to enjoy my dinner. My plans will not be foiled by “The OC” again. I sit down, and wait 30 minutes for the waiter to take my order, because everyone who works in the place is way too busy watching them film to do their jobs. Then I wait 45 more minutes for my overcooked, gross-ass, $40 lobster. I ranted and raved and got it taken off the bill, but the damage was done. I hated “The OC” for life.

Which is why, when I sat down at dinner last weekend at a table next to Peter Gallagher’s, I braced for the worst. But he really was keeping to himself and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the company of that chick, so his presence did nothing to disturb my meal or my evening, but I still thought it was worth telling Defamer about. And they ran it — woo-hoo!! I have had a very stressful week so you can mock away, but I am going to enjoy this moment.