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Monday Morning Music

February 12, 2007

So when I first heard of Lilly Allen I was like “uggs, another cheeky Brit Pop import that Perez is all hyped up about.” Last night I was having a late night iTunes extravaganza and I bought myself “Smile.” It has a fun little beat to it and even though Lilly Allen is about ten shades of crazy she is adorable in her own twisted kind of way. The video is also nasty and vindictive…in such a lovely way.

Monday Morning Music

February 5, 2007

Today I am bringing it back a bit old school. This song “Back for Good” was my favorite pop song when I was in middle school. I found this little ditty when I was traveling through France with my mom and the only channel that was in English was MTV.

I heard this song again on the finale of “The Office” and it made me really happy. I hope you enjoy this. If you have never heard Take That before it is a lovely throwback to cheesy English pop music.

Go Colts. (that is totally unrelated by I had to put it in there)

Monday Morning Music

January 29, 2007

I am sorry that this is more like “Monday Evening Music” except the T is a little under the weather. I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite bands ever. This is Gomez. I found this band my freshman year of college on my friend’s WinAmp. This song “Shot Shot” is quite fun and the video itself is worth checking out. Hope you enjoy this band as much as I do.

Monday Morning Music

January 23, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting today. My cohorts are still mingling with the rich and famous while I slug away at work. Regular employment is so mundane.
Here is your Monday Morning Music…a bit later than I had hoped but none the less here is some music for your evening.

The T is back in love and this song just makes me want to smile. This is a whiny song that actually has some depth. Put it on your ipod with some Frey, James Blunt, Snow Patrol… nice winter lovin.

Monday Morning Music

January 15, 2007

So I have written about this before but I urge any of you to check out the soundtrack to “Spring Awakening.” Duncan Sheik wrote this beautiful musical about growing up sexual discovery. I love this musical and the kids in it are incredibly talented. This is NSFW as the lyrics to this song are a bit, well, you get the point. If you like folk music and stirring lyrics check this out. I’m posting two of my favorite songs “Totally Fu***d” and “Whispering.”

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And as all of you can see, no more weird You Tube videos of my Monday Morning Songs…I’m learning this internet thing slowly.

Monday Morning Music

January 8, 2007

There is some strange smell in Manhattan today. My roommate just called me and said “We aren’t supposed to go to work if our offices are in the West 40s.” I write this to you ladies and gentlemen from West 49th St. where I’m now not allowed to go outside. This is what happens when you wake up and read blogs…not the news. I need a pick me up and I think you all do to so here is a favorite random song of mine that gets me going when I’ve got a case of the Mondays…or when Manhattan is filled with a strange smell of gas and they are evacuating our train and subway stations.
Here is “Mondo Bongo” by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros. It is sexy, fun and very addictive.


(I always pull music videos from YouTube and this didn’t have one so this is some weird Final Fantasy thing…you can enjoy the random that is the YouTube video or just simply close your eyes and enjoy the music.)

Monday Morning Music

November 20, 2006

Here is my new favorite artist. His name is Mickey Avalon. I saw him in San Diego when he performed at Aubergine. He is a punk rapper from the mean streets of LA. Essentially, America’s Pete Doherty. He likes to rap about his penis, drugs and his skills in the bedroom. He has quite a past working as a male prostitute so his angst is legit. Take the Federline. I wouldn’t do him but he has quite the female fan base. Lyrically I think he is quite fun and “Jane Fonda” is my new favorite booty shaking song.