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Late-Night Links

February 7, 2007

Steve-O urinates in public for the first time this year. [Celebslam]

Naomi Watts is preggers. [Perez]

Ryan Phillippe’s new girlfriend is 18-year-old Nikki Reed, of Thirteen fame, which is, ironically, their approximate age difference. [Cele|bitchy]

Eminem is reportedly set to marry Kim Mathers for the third time. They say third time’s the charm, so maybe this go-round he’ll actually kill her and we can be done with this crap. [Agent Bedhead]

Fergie continues her spelling bee of a solo career with the new video for “Glamorous.” [Bree]

Welcome to Famous, Heidi Montag. Leave your clothes at the door. You know, on the hook right above your dignity. [Pop on the Pop]

Maybe if Anne Hathaway ever emerged from her crypt and into the sunlight she wouldn’t be so depressed. [ICYDK]

Late-Night Links

February 6, 2007

Best and worst of Super Bowl ads. []

Ryan Phillippe is all about fatherhood. That and cheating on his wife. [PopSugar]

Kimora Lee gets all lesbo at Cipriani. [Cele|bitchy]

Kim Kardashian takes a page from the Paris Hilton playbook, keeps the sex tape rumors alive. [The Blemish]

Jessica Simpson dyes her hair auburn, colors face to match. [Pop on the Pop]

Ron Jeremy and Paris Hilton once played a little game of I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you’ll-show-me-yours in a bathroom stall. If they wanted to see each other’s naughty bits, they both could have saved some time and checked the Internet. [Warship]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her cleavage hit up The Ivy for some publicity lunch. Oh, Love. I don’t even know what you’re working on now. The Horse Whisperer? Or something? You’ll always be that girl who gave it up to Bailey Salinger in my mind. [Rappy’s]

Ryan O’Neal understands that the publics needs — nay, deserves — a full account of his fireplace-poker-swinging battle with his son. [Defamer]

Jeff Zucker takes the reins at NBC. Hang on tight. [Jossip]

Late-Night Links

February 2, 2007

Joe Francis is kind enough to voice his opinion on the sexual strengths and weaknesses of young Hollywood, with Paris Hilton in a commanding lead. He also manages to plug ParisExposed about ten times, which is quite the favor for a website he claims to despise. Turn the other cheek, eh, Joe? [TMZ]

Denise Richards: what’s not to hate? [Celebrity Smack]

Reese and Ryan suck it up and attend their daughter’s school play together. I’m so Team Reese on this one. [A Socialite’s Life]

Congratulations, DJ AM. You’ve earned yourself another fifteen minutes of fame. And, yes, Mandy, Zach’s pissed. Everybody wins! [Just Jared]

Kate at Fishbowl has the 411 on Top Design behind the scenes. [FishbowlLA]

“The first time I get into a car accident and I see a blind guy get out of the other car — I’m kicking somebody’s ass.” [Pajiba]

For what it’s worth, National Enquirer is reporting that Nick & Vanessa are engaged. [The Bosh]

Picking up the Pieces

November 21, 2006

For the record, Abbie Cornish claims she and Ryan Phillippe are “friends and that’s it.” [Just Jared]

In a last-ditch effort to make something good come of Elizabethtown, Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst are now officially dating. [A Socialite’s Life]

Nicole Richie fires celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, possibly because she’s the only person on the planet who makes Richie look obese in comparison. [Perez Hilton]

Kate Moss’s fiance, Pete Doherty, is arrested for possession of crack cocaine. [Cele|Bitchy]

Carmen Electra is old now, too. And bless the girls at Dirty Laundry, who always link to the full-size photos of celebs, so you can check out every little zit and wrinkle on her aging little face. [Dirty Laundry]

Dueling Cover Stories

November 13, 2006

Ryan and Reese’s divorce is hot off the press. According to the New York Times, which analyzed the different takes on the story that inTouch and Life and Style took this week, these two magazines are attempting to corner the market when it comes to the most talked about divorce since Brad and Jen (sorry K-Fed).
The interesting thing is that these magazines are owned by the same publishing company, Bauer Publishing. Though, in this article, they attempt to say “we never know what [the other magazine] is working on,” thankfully The New York Times is smart enough to point out that really they are attempting to make as much money as possible as a company by being sure that Team Reese and Team Ryan have their own magazines.

Since most people ended up taking Nick Lachey’s side post-divorce, magazines are attempting to cover the “hot sad ex-husband” angle. With Nick it was easy since Jess has been out boozing it up with the young Hollywood set. This is a bit less plausible since Reese is mainly photographed with her two lovely children, not out at Hyde sucking face with the latest whiny rocker.

They are essentially the same magazine. Until Friday they shared the same publisher. They are in the same building but on different floors. I don’t believe that their writers don’t chat in the lunch room much like this….

InTouch: So what are you working on?
Life and Style: You know, Reese and Ryan…their bitter end.
InTouch: You guys are Team Ryan right and we are doing Team Reese?
Life and Style: Dumbass other way around. Seriously Britney looks hot.
InTouch: Are you eating your cookie?
Life and Stlye: No…I’m on the Richie diet.
InTouch: Dumbass. Mmmmm…that’s hot. Who know looking at skinny people all day would make you so hungry?
Life and Style: Ryan Phillipe is hot.
InTouch: I’d do him.

Picking up the Pieces, Just Like Reese Witherspoon Has to Now

November 9, 2006

Reese Witherspoon officially files for divorce, then tells her manager to text Ryan Phillippe to let him know. [ICYDK]

Lindsay Lohan’s car is hit — again — by paparazzi. [Egotastic]

Bill Cosby settles his sexual assault charge for an undisclosed amount. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Remember Raj from The Apprentice? Apparently he was running for Congress in Pennsylvania. If I’d known that, I might have paid attention to these elections. But, once again, he wasn’t hired. [Junkiness]

Kellie Pickler’s album debuts at #1 on the country charts. “WHAT?” screams Faith Hill. But she was just joking. [Girls Talkin’ Smack]

Socialites say the darndest things. [Gawker]

No F’in Way: The Dems May Take the Senate

November 8, 2006

…and the blame is falling squarely on Donald Rumsfeld, who’s stepping down as Defense Secretary. That President dude wants some former CIA bigshot, Robert Gates, to take his spot. Stay tuned.

Also important: Australian home-wrecker Abbie Cornish was a no-show at the premiere of her new movie, Candy. She’s probably trying to stay out of the spotlight after being blamed for the Reese/Ryan split. Ryan’s denied a lot of things this week, but he hasn’t denied his relationship with Cornish, which friends say he made very little effort to hide.

Some You Tubers Mourn Reese and Ryan

November 2, 2006

I have to say, I only discovered You Tube a couple of months ago. Since I’ve been immobile, due to my broken foot, I have become a little obsessed. Part of my obsession deals with the people that make these little tribute movies to couples, TV shows, movies, etc.. Here are some tribute videos I found of Reese and Ryan.

Sorry, I’m having a hard time with this.

Ryan Did a Bad Bad Thing

October 31, 2006

Accoring to the “National Enquirer,” Ryan Phillippe was caught sending suggestive emails to his sexy co-star in “Stop Loss,” which he is filming in Morocco. Her picture is above and her name is Abbie Cornish, who is a sexy Austrialian blond actress. Evidently, Reese found these messages while she and Ryan were in New York for the “Flags of Their Fathers” premiere.

Reportedly, they have been having an affair that started the first day of filming. I hope this isn’t true, but Hollywood hotties don’t have the best track record.

Let the Rumors Begin!

October 30, 2006

The rumors about the cause behind the Reese/Ryan split have already begun a-churnin’. Currently, we’re being told that Ryan was carrying on an affair with a Vancouver waitress while filming a movie in Canada. To which we reply, “Ryan Phillippe still makes movies?”