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Silversun Pickups

December 16, 2006

You know that good feeling when:

a) Your parents are away (presumably antiquing)
b) You’ve got the cartoon network on
c) Your feet are propped up on your pleather sofa


d) You’ve got about a pound of blow just waiting for you in the den…

That’s an all right time, yeah? Well, that’s early morning Saturday EvilBeet folks! It’s like the Giant Pandas have mated for the year and we’re in relax mode. In that same vein take a listen to a new song I’m imbibing by the Silversun Pickups.

Warning: If you are the short attention span type please note this song builds throughout; it’s not your standard lyrics/refrain style of joint. So you have to wait until like two minutes in to start dancing around your living room.

But hurry, I think the ‘rents might be headed home, exhausted from ottomans.