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Late-Night Links

November 29, 2006

Christina Aguilera does a little drinkin’ herself. [Perez Hilton]

I’ve lost track of how many times Snoop Dogg’s been arrested this year. But add one. [TMZ]

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler take a break from hating one another to get dinner at Mr. Chow’s. [Pop on the Pop]

Milla Jovovich? Still hot. [CelebSlam]

Gasp! One of the Gotti kids got arrested. [DListed]

Cameron Diaz can’t marry Justin Timberlake because she’s “commitment-phobic.” And certainly not because he hasn’t proposed. [HollyScoop]

Lindsay Lohan is in movies? Huh. [Pajiba]

Just for the record, I was into Regina Spektor before anybody. This song was on my MySpace page like a hundred years ago. Just so everyone knows. [BWE]

Snoop Dogg Surrenders in Style

November 6, 2006

Rapper Snoop Dogg turned himself in to Orange County authorities this morning, four days after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Snoop rolled up to the OC Jail in a dark purple Porsche Carrera, with a driver and a bodyguard. His attorney says he was “handled extremely well by the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept.,” who booked him on one felony count of possession of a deadly weapon. He was released on $150,000 bail, and he is due back in court December 4.

The warrant was issued after Snoop attempted to walk through an X-ray machine at John Wayne Airport in Orange County with a 21-inch collapsible baton packed into his laptop case. Because, you know, a collapsible baton looks a lot like a laptop. And it’s not like anyone’s going to be paying special attention to what he has in his luggage, just because he’s a mega-watt celebrity. And what’s the big problem with bringing a 21-inch baton on an airplane, anyway? It’s not like it’s toothpaste.

Weekend Round-Up

October 30, 2006

Rapper Snoop Dogg is arrested on suspicion of illegal drug and gun possession. At an airport. If he were smart like Paris Hilton, he’d keep his damn weed in his teddy bear when traveling. [CelebSlam]

With a Teen People camera crew following her, Brooke Hogan spends $900 at LF in NYC. After the cameras leave, she sends a flack to return most of it. [Page Six]

Aw, Mischa Barton is crying. That means she’s hungry. [Celebrity Smack]

The extended trailer for the sixth season of 24 is online, so you can have some brand new imagery for your Jack Bauer fantasies. [Tabloid Whore]

Check out side-by-side pictures of Madonna in 1979 and daughter Lourdes this year. My guess is little David will not bear the same resemblance. [WOW Report]

Steve Irwin’s widow is not happy that the guys from South Park are already poking fun at his death. [HGW]