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Paris Snubbed by Another Greek Family

December 11, 2006

According to Page Six this morning, Stavros’s parents are none too happy that their son might be close to getting engaged to Paris Hilton. After speculation that Paris’s first engagement ended because of parental disapproval this isn’t too much of a shocker. Nice families want their rich sons to marry boring heirs, not American fame whores. A source quoted by Page Six said, “[Stavros’s parents] refused to meet her last year when Paris and Stavros had dated for a while. Paris even followed him and his family to Hawaii, where they go every New Year’s, and they still wouldn’t meet her. They think she’s tacky.” I think everyone thinks she is tacky to be perfectly honest. I promise you that Paris and Stavros will never make it down the aisle. I wonder who is going to be the father of her brood of babies that she keeps threatening to have? K-Fed perhaps? He seems to be quite the stud horse.

Cleaning up the Weekend

December 11, 2006

After almost days of searching, the paparazzi catch Nicole Richie and Joel Madden together. Take that, Hilary Duff. Now you’re left all alone with your hyper-successful, talent-driven career and your consistently positive media image. They sure showed you. [X17]

Paris. Miami. Stavros. [Hollyscoop]

With Paris Hilton safely on another coast, Lindsay Lohan appears to have put together several days of sobriety. Rock on. [Page Six]

Ellen Pompeo thinks she would look really good if she could just manage to put on five or ten more pounds. I think Ellen Pompeo would look really good with a black eye and a few broken ribs. [A Socialite’s Life]

Pics of the Jolie-Pitts, sans Shiloh, in NYC. [Mollygood]

Beyonce’s not the only one pissed that Jennifer Hudson got the role of Effie in Dreamgirls. But at least Fantasia Barrino will cop to it. [Snarky Gossip]