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Padma Lakshmi Enjoys Some Fine Herb

January 26, 2007

According to sources on the set, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi often indulged in a joint on the set every now and then — or, you know, “fairly regularly.” As the Best Week Ever folks point out, this explains a lot, like how she usually seems only marginally involved in whatever’s going on, how she speaks very slowly, and how she married Salman Rushdie.

It’s also disappointing, though, because we could have pushed this storyline much further. Pot brownies have been done — can we see someone attempt a duo of Mary Jane foie gras and sirloin? With pot potatoes on the side? Can Marcel make a foam out of it? Or mix it with xantham gum? I can’t believe no one thought to try that. It would have made for one hell of a judges table.

Why Did Ilan Quit His Job?

January 25, 2007

Apparently Top Chef’s Ilan has recently quit his job at Spanish restaurant Casa Mono. Hmm. Is this because he won?? Oh man, please say he did. Because if Marcel won, I’m going to have to, I don’t know, throw a bottle at him or something.

Top Chef’s Marcel Gets His Ass Kicked By a Girl

January 23, 2007

Well, a girl and a bottle, technically. I guess it really takes a woman to do a man’s job. According to Page Six, someone finally did the bodily harm to the scrawny contestant that Sam, Cliff and Ilan had dreamed of for months. “This girl came up to me at a nightclub and asked me if I was Marcel from ‘Top Chef,’ ” Marcel says. “The next thing I knew, this bottle struck me, and my friends had to rush me to the hospital. I needed 30 stitches.”

Here’s what surprises me: Marcel has friends. Not just friends, but the kind of friends who rush one to the hospital in this situation, rather than high-fiving the bottle-throwing girl. I wonder what type of bottle it was. I hope it was beer, and I hope there was foam in it.