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The Joker Headed to Space

January 2, 2007

Take a look at that photo. Now read this sentence from the article, which we’ll get to in one moment.

“Looking at Principal, you would never know she is a former smoker who spent years on Dallas‘ Southfork Ranch. She credits her products for helping her maintain a glowing complexion.”

Um, what? Maybe I’m reading to much into it, but wasn’t she married to a plastic surgeon for a few decades? Oh, yeah, let’s see here:

“In May, she filed for divorce from her husband of 21 years, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Harry Glassman. She won’t discuss details of her stormy split with Glassman but hopes that she and her ex might be able to become friends. She does not now speak to him or his children.”

It’s good that her and the kids don’t talk now either. What’s a few decades worth anyway?

Oh, and now the original reason for my post:

“With astronaut training on tap for 2007, she is moving on after some turbulence in her personal life.”

Fantastic. We need a nice and stretchy face out there in space.