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If Loving Studio 60 is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

November 29, 2006

Just got through watching Monday night’s episode on my TiVo. For all the shit I give Sorkin for the sketches not being funny (they’re still not), the rest of the show is so, so wonderful. It’s not quite the early seasons of The West Wing, but it’s the closest thing that’s been on television since. If you’re not tuning in, you should be. Some observations from tonight:

a) Jordan McDeere is my love.
2) Martha O’Dell is totally Maureen Dowd (who is also my love).

That is all.

Exhale: Studio 60 Survives

November 10, 2006

For those of you who were losing sleep over the threat of being denied your weekly supply of rhythmic Sorkin repartee (wow, that sounds kind of dirty, like something Maureen Dowd might be able to tell us more about), Studio 60 has been picked up for nine more episodes.

Picked up for nine more episodes? You know who else was picked up for nine more episodes? Boticelli. They didn’t understand him then, either, and ninety-three percent of the country will tell you you should not — you should not — use Colgate in combination with Vicodin — they say that, you know, did you know that? — but somehow eighty-two percent of the country thinks Boticelli is an overrated flavor of Ben & Jerry’s and what this tells me, Jack, what is crystal clear to me now is that Ted Danson and Senator Jon Kyl and the cast of television’s Thirtysomething are in my goddamn jacuzzi because Walt Whitman didn’t know Leaves of Grass from a quick gummer on the deck of a yacht anchored in the Canary Islands. So you can take that 1985 purple Swatch and throw it overboard for Darwin to add to his collection, and you call me when, and only when, it is firmly on his goddamn well-evolved wrist.

Phew. Wow. I feel better already.