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February 21, 2007

The love of my whole life, Tori Amos, will be releasing a NEW ALBUM! The title ROCKS: American Doll Posse. I love it already. It will be released May 1 on Epic, but with any luck it’ll hit the Internet long before that. Her last album, Beekeeper, made the Internet rounds almost a month before its formal release date. I checked for ADP yesterday but it doesn’t seem to be around. If it’s around and one of you knows about it — you HAVE to tell me!!

And check out this amazing cover art! Look closely — she’s got blood running down her leg, she’s got the word “SHaME” scrawled on her hand, and her shoe is broken. KILLER! I mean, I loved Beekeeper, because I love everything Tori Amos does ever, but I get the sense that this album is going to be bringing us back to the ultra-raw Tori we heard on albums like Little Earthquakes and Boys for Pele. Man I hope so! I’m soooo psyched for this album!

The anglophilic married mother of one will be touring to support the album, starting May 28 in Rome, but hopefully she will get her ass to SoCal and play for us!!!

Tori Amos Does Taxi Ride on Oxygen

November 3, 2006

This is my contribution to slow news week. Tori Amos sings “Taxi Ride” live on Oxygen. I love this song. I love Tori. At least half of you are gay, so I know you do, too. Enjoy.

Old School Tori on The Daily Show

October 14, 2006

Not sure what made me think of this, but for some reason that god-awful Tori Amos Daily Show interview popped into my head today. I thought it might be on YouTube, and, sure enough, it was. Now, my friends will attest that I am a HUGE Toriphile, as well as a HUGE Stewartphile (there’s not really a cutesy name for Stewart fans…I guess we can just go with “Democrats”), so this interview was terribly disappointing for me, and really tested my allegiance to Tori. I still love her, though, so I’m throwing the “Sorta Fairytale” video on here, too.

Update: Am I absolutely crazy, or is the guy in this video Adrien Brody?