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Fashion Victim of the Week

February 24, 2007

Well well well…Liz Hurley didn’t think I would ever have to write about you. Now this outfit would be ok maybe on a 16 year-old but not a fashion icon. If you are over 35 there are things that you should not wear. I know the whole boots over jeans thing is cute but it isn’t very pulled together or classy if you are a woman who keeps boasting that she is having a wedding “fit for a princess.” Leather isn’t meant to be purple. When you start wearing leather in shades of purple you are officially headed into Forever 21 land…and that is only a place for girls going out to clubs with a disco ball, fist pumping and $1 blow job shots.

Fashion Victim of the Week

February 16, 2007

Brooke Hogan I have stayed away from making fun of you this year so far but this dress was a disaster. Brooke is known for wearing too little clothing on the red carpet and even though this dress was a bit of an improvement it really did not work.

If you are going to wear a super-tight gown DO NOT make it satin. Satin should never tug and whoever fit this dress to poor Brooke should be forced to wear a pair of satin shorts for the next month. Brooke has a nice figure but this makes her took like she has a tummy.

Also Brooke darling, X-Tina called, she wants her look back.

Fashion Victim of the Week

February 12, 2007

Wow. There aren’t a lot of things I really need to say about this…I feel as though this outfit speaks for itself. Nobody should wear colored tights, I don’t care how long your legs are. Really you need to pair this cute dress maybe with cute boots…it is WINTER Joss Stone. I love how she is trying to sex it up now that she has a new album coming out. If sexing it up means looking like a slutty high school senior at Seth’s Crazy Halloween Bash 1994 then she succeeded. What frightens me the most about this outfit was that she actually wore it to Marc Jacobs fashion show.

Fashion Victim of the Week

February 2, 2007

Matronly anybody? I don’t understand why you would want to kick your butt to be a skinny starlet and then wear a big black sack that is essentially strangling your boobs. I know Anne Hathaway wanted to look like a serious actress but she just came off as looking a bit doudy and toothy. That whole multi-tier dress thing doesn’t really work for anybody. Black is slimming but unfortuneatly not in this case. Lets try some color and cleavage next time darling.

Fashion Victim of the Week

January 26, 2007

Dude, I’d be depressed if I was wearing an orange jumper too. Can we please talk about those shoes? Mandy, you are a young woman. I know that you are really mature for your age but that doesn’t mean that you can wear granny shoes. I know it is cold in Sundance but the “Frigid Bitch” look is so 2002.

Fashion Victim of the Week

January 19, 2007

Wow. Doesn’t somebody check your outfit before you leave for these awards ceremonies? Seriously, you are Meryl Streep. Ask Helen Miren who gets her all dressed up, she was a hot older lady. You look like you are auditioning to be in some weird Greek drama. I still love you though. I mean. You are Meryl Streep. Congrats on your Globe. My advise to you…hire a stylist.

The Fashion Stars Of The Golden Globes

January 16, 2007

Here are T’s favorites for Golden Globe dresses:

1) Reese Witherspoon- Divorce has ever looked hotter. Loved the bright yellow and she really looked young and fresh. She is single and ready to mingle.

2) Drew Barrymore- Never would have picked light pink for her but she worked it out. The dress was flattering and her tan really complemented her overall look. I really can say I think that she has never looked better at an awards show.

3) Helen Miren- Love it when older women show off their boobs. That sounded dirty but she looks great for being in her sixties. Love the hair and her beautiful jewelry.

4) America Ferrera- She is such an adorable actress and this dress played up her assets perfectly. She looked young, slim and adorable and I thought her speech was really the sweetest of the evening.

5) Angelina and Brad- The camera loved them tonight and I did too. They looked like classic old Hollywood and their love was evident tonight. She was radiant and he was dapper. I’m slightly obsessed with them.

A Fashion Post by The Beet!

December 27, 2006

So, normally I leave the haute couture discussions in more capable hands (read: Evil T), but my good friend Marc Chung (who runs a data mining blog I’m sure this audience will find captivating) pointed out to me tonight that our two blogs may have some common ground.

In his data mining adventures, Marc stumbled upon, an online software that allows you to specify items a celebrity is wearing in a photo and quickly search the Internet for similar fashion items. You can specify color, price range, and which factors about the style are most important to you, and will present you with a series of similar products you might like, and tell you where you can buy them online.

The software’s still in its alpha version, so it’s very preliminary. I’m pretty sure you can only use the pictures they already have uploaded, and some searches come up blank, but some work really well. It’s definitely a website for fashionistas to keep an eye on.

Fashion Victim of the Week

December 1, 2006

Oh Jennifer Love this was a bad choice. First, all of the taboids keep saying that you are preggos so possibly wearing a slimming black would be a better idea. The crisscrossing around the hips pulls attention to the fact that as big as those famous boobs are, you still have some baby making hips. Believe me, I am not saying she is heavy, I hate those people that don’t allow women actresses to have curves, but this just is not a flattering outfit.

Fashion Victim of the Week

November 17, 2006

The T is back in NYC so I thought today to cover a nice little Vogue Event where Kate Spade wore THIS. It is a pretty color but it is a huge coat. I have seen this woman and she is relatively petite. This makes her look huge and weird. I used to think her bags were the “it” thing when I was in high school. You couldn’t pay me to wear this orange thing she is carrying. I understand she is all proper but this weird outfit looks oddly like a costume. Come on honey, little black dress…housecoats are so 1954.