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Danity Kane Girls…Just Like Us

December 29, 2006

Remember Danity Kane, the “Making the Band” Diddy creation that blew up the charts with “Showstopper” and has lingered around TRL since? Unless you are a teenage girl, or me, I really feel like you wouldn’t immediately remember Shannon from “Making the Band.” She was essentially pulled from “Fame” which was a short-lived NBC reality singing/dancing competition and injected into the “Making the Band” series by her manager Johnny Wright. She is a nice girl, virgin till marriage, you know the drill… it is quite amusing that she is in such a tarted up girl group. Take away the drag queen make-up and the Forever 21 hot pants and she really is that pretty blond girl next door. The pic above is from her visit to “Mamma Mia” on Broadway where she visited Raymond Lee, a ex-“Fame” participant and a current “Mamma Mia” cast member. I couldn’t resist posting another one of these “oh look I’m in a gossip magazine” photos.

Britney Spears Puts Down Frappucinos…World Rejoices

October 19, 2006

World News Sources have confirmed today that Britney Spears has finally lost some of her baby weight and is so excited she is shopping for a new wardrobe.

Even though I’m a little taken aback that this is a WORLD NEWS STORY I am kind of excited because this might mean that hot Brit is going to make a comeback. I love Britney Spears and though I have filled my trashy pop void with an unhealthy obsession with Danity Kane I really have missed her.

I really think that Britney should dump Kevin, become besties with Ken Paves and do a duet with Justin Timberlake. That would be hot.

So y’all Brit’s coming back. I’m so excited.