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Hello world!

February 25, 2007

Hi guys! We’re working on moving over to WordPress, but if you’ve stumbled over here in the meantime,  go here to get regular updates from The Evil Beet.

This is Why They Call it The Crackberry

February 21, 2007
I hate my boyfriend’s Blackberry. I really do. I know a lot of women and men who are annoyed at their partner’s tether to their office. These “crackberries” create people addicted to the Internet even though a lot of people forget that 10 years ago we didn’t have all of these little electronic gadgets.

When my dog jumped on my computer and broke it and when I lost my phone (a few times) and had to use a payphone I almost had a nervous breakdown.

The guy, the Managing Editor of Forbes in this video actually breaks down and cries. This is an interesting study on how we have gotten obsessed with email/cellphones and other fun little electronic gadgets. It is a little freaky.

Brady Excited About Bastard Baby

February 20, 2007

Tom Brady, mind you who has a new supermodel girlfriend, is TOTALLY EXCITED that his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan (aka. Mr Big’s wife), is having their baby!

Ok, I do find this really hard to believe since it kind of makes him look like a jackass dating a leggy Brazilian supermodel while his devoted girlfriend of three years pops out his bastard child but he took the high road and issued this statement though his agent today

“Tom and his family are excited about the pregnancy, and want to thank everyone who has shown support, and particularly for their consideration of Tom’s privacy,”

This is the first time Tom has spoken about the baby since Bridget announced that she was three months pregnant on Monday.

Many have speculated that Tom was none to happy that Bridget got preggers right at the end of their relationship and many believe that she tried the old “pregnancy trap” to get him to stay.

All I know is that this kid will be gorgeous.

Wonder What Ever Happend to That O-Town Guy?

February 19, 2007

Remember Ashley Parker Angel? The O-Town guy who had his own MTV reality show, “There and Back?” He had a baby, he made an album, and he hit the charts with some forgettable single. I thought that was the run of this second shot at fame but now he is on Broadway in the hit musical, “Hairspray.” This guy essentially spent 5 years of his life on a reality TV show and I guess deep down he has always wanted to be a Broadway Baby. He joins Alexa Vega (from countless Lifetime TV movies and I guess some other stuff) in the Broadway company. Diana DeGarmo (from American Idol) just left and the un-cute Duff has also been in “Hairspray.”

So if you are in NYC and you are a big ole Ashley Parker Angel fan check him out on the great white way! Click here for his MySpace.

High Flying (Of the Sober Kind)

February 19, 2007
I love basketball, I really do. This weekend, I fully enjoyed the All Star festivities. If you missed the slam dunk competition, really the best part of the whole weekend, here are the highlights. Michael Jordan makes a rare appearance (as a judge) and the beginning of the video has some crazy NBA dance moves. I think it is amazing how these guys can jump so high. Sometimes all five feet of me imagines that I am a baller and that I can also dunk. The Beet knows, however, I’m lucky if I can get a free throw.

Also, Go Suns. Enjoy
Seriously, this is what happens when I try not to make fun of Britney Spears. I write about basketball. Come on Lindsay, do something fun. Date someone random. Go.

Monday Morning Music

February 19, 2007

I have to say that I really watch “Grey’s Anatomy” partially because they have amazing music. Here is a lovely song from Thursday’s episode. I love orchestral, atmospheric, piano driven pop music. I really can’t help myself. This song, “The Great Escape” is by Patrick Watson and up and coming Canadian singer/songwriter. This a perfect driving song and a really cool music video. Check it out and if you like it, it is available on itunes.

A Little Study Break …

February 17, 2007
Well, let’s face it, if you’re in college, this whole site is a little study break. But we’re approaching midterm time, and a friend passed these on to me today. They’re not exactly celebrity gossip, but they made me laugh so hard that I had to post them here. Anyone who’s ever taken a college science class can appreciate this. Click to enlarge.

Sigh. TRL Stays.

February 16, 2007
Despite yesterday’s late-breaking rumors that the national nightmare of Total Request Live had finally come to its cold-sweated end, MTV Prez Christina Norman says it’ll stick around. In a ridiculously long internal email (I mean, come on, Christina, there are MTV staffers. Next time: fewer words, more cocaine) she says that “TRL will air as always – and we’ll continue to bring our audience the celebs they love and special weeks like Spankin New and much more — but we will now operate more efficiently downstairs.” Ha. That last part sounds dirty. Mama’s got a new toy …

She also sheds some light on why I don’t care at all about MTV2:

“We’ve decided to consolidate the operations of MTV2 within MTV, and many of the hard-working production and development people of MTV2 will be leaving the organization. The MTV2 that you all know and love will still be there – packed 24 hours a day with the music and shows that its young male viewers love. I’m proud of all that the MTV2 team has contributed to its creative and ratings successes. They are leaving behind a great legacy and we are eternally grateful to them.”

Gotcha. They never wanted me to watch anyway.

So if you’re 13, you can breathe again. Vanessa Minnillo and that skinny white dude will stay on the box in your living room, so you have something to do after school other than homework, exercise or face-to-face socialization. Phew. That was scary for a minute.

Today in Viral Marketing: ANTM Bloopers

February 15, 2007
It’s funny, see, because the girl falls down. Her name’s Jael. I don’t understand how she could be expected to support her own weight even under nominal circumstances. Her legs are like extended pinkies. New “cycle” (I hate myself each time I have to say that) starts Feb 28 on the CW.

Um, How Did I Miss an Entire Network?

February 15, 2007
I like to think that I’m sort of in the loop with, you know, television, and the networks which comprise it. At least in the U.S. You know, because it’s sort of my job and stuff. But it turns out there is a whole entire network that I have never heard of. It’s called “The N” and it’s owned by Viacom. Apparently it’s targeted toward younger kids. Does it even broadcast in L.A.? Because, um, their wikipedia page says they’re airing My So-Called Life reruns. How did I miss this?

Anyway, this lovely Angela Chase-friendly network was brought to my attention by one of my very favorite media folks, who wants me to plug some show on there called Instant Star. It features a girl named Alexz Johnson, who should probably quit acting and go back to school for awhile, at least until someone explains to her that the “x” sound actually includes the “z” sound. Whatever. Here’s the preview.