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We Love Edward Norton

December 18, 2006

I don’t have a link because I just saw it on a tiny local news channel called CNN but Edward Norton has come out against the award show swag. For those not in the know, anyone who attends any award show such as say, The Oscars, gets a giant bag of expensive goodies. Actually, the Oscars are the worst offenders because they consider themselves the biggest and baddest award show on the planet. I have no idea what you’d get if you headed out to the “People’s Choice Awards,” but I’d assume it would be something like a combo flashlight keychain.

Anyway, Oscar gives hella goodies. What kind of goodies you ask? Well, offhand a google search popped up this article which has a quote from The Chicago Sun-Times:

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that the gift bags have an estimated value of $100,000.

Basically we’re talking the latest and greatest in tech gear and unattainable items for the general public. So you’re out there saying “Well, why do rich Hollywood types need free shit?” Exactly my friend; Edward Norton is on the case. He correctly notes a lot of people are in need that don’t make big bucks from entertainment. Perhaps we should hook them up, eh?

That’s reason number #42 we love him so much, right after the fact that his character in Fight Club wants to fight William Shatner.