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Janice Dickinson Rocks

February 6, 2007

The former ANTM judge and owner of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency weighs in on the “skinny model” debate:

“I’m dying to find kids who are too thin. I’ve got 42 models in my agency and I’m trying to get them to lose weight. In fact, I wish they’d come down with some anorexia.” When you laugh at such politically incorrect statements, Dickinson yells back, “I’m not kidding. I’m running into a bunch of fat-assed, lazy little bitches who don’t know how to do the stairs or get their butts into the gym … Models are supposed to be thin. They’re not supposed to eat. In fact, I’m not going to eat for the rest of the day because we had this conversation.”

As awful as it is, I often agree with Janice, and I’m glad they still make folks like her. I know, I know. I’m a horrible person, and I’ve come to terms with that, but has anyone else noticed that bigger models just don’t carry the clothes as well as the ultra-skinny ones? And I’m not talking plus-size models, I’m talking girls with, like, a BMI of 20. It just doesn’t look as hot as some BMI 17 chick waltzing down the catwalk. There’s a reason models are ridiculously thin! It looks glamorous and unattainable and otherworldly! It makes you want to buy the clothes! I don’t think ultra-thin is very sexy off the catwalk, but anyone who thinks an average normal-weight girl is going to sell a dress as well as a super-skinny girl is just fucking wrong. Sorry.

In closing, here’s a very funny sign someone posted in front of CBS Studios (where Tyra Banks films her talk show). Let the hate mail roll in. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that if anyone has more rabid fans than Justin Guarini, it’s Tyra.

Late-Night Links (Back in Late Night)

December 14, 2006

Uh-oh. Looks like Nicole Richie’s going to jail for this latest DUI. And just when Joel Madden was getting laid for the first time in three years… [TMZ]

Britney’s new boyfriend can’t get into Hyde. Also, if you’d like to dress up as a douchebag next Halloween, you can pretty much just use the outfit he wore to The Ivy this week. Everyone will totally be like “Oh, I get it. You’re a douchebag.” [Celebitchy]

Katharine McPhee in OK magazine. I don’t know why I love her so much, but I do. [Pop on the Pop]

Jude Law plans to take his children to a South African orphanage for Christmas, to demonstrate that it is better to have a daddy who leaves your mother for a 22-year-old who he then cheats on with the nanny than it is to have no daddy at all. [Junkiness]

It is possible that Paris Hilton does cocaine. And by “possible” I of course mean “more of a sure thing than Tara Reid on St. Patrick’s Day.” [Celebrity Smack]

Finally! Someone moves away from character assassination and just plain attempts to assassinate Janice Dickinson. My money’s on a former Top Model contestant. [Hollyscoop]