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Everybody Hates Tyra

February 6, 2007

Tyra Banks has been having a rough couple weeks. First, they publish photos of her in a really ugly bathing suit looking a bit chunky and come up with really funny headlines about her new zaftig shape. Second, after wearing the same suit on air (and having a very public bitch fest)…probably after a 10 day juice fast, people put this lovely little banner outside her TV show.

Now, Adrianne Curry (aka. Mrs. Brady or the original America’s Next Top Model) is speaking out against the season’s freshman effort. Adrianne is fuming mad.

“We were told the winner would be an instant millionaire, that our faces would be plastered everywhere in Revlon ads. None of which turned out to be true … I still haven’t got paid for the work I did for them!”

She also claims that the models were not fed well to boot.

Well, since Janice Dickinson is so into starvation that makes sense. This isn’t the first time that Adrianne as come out against ANTM. About a year ago, Adrianne was quoted as comparing Tyra to another crazy faced ex-supermodel.

“She can be the sweetest person in the world, but once that camera is off, she’s Naomi Campbell, in your face.”

Really, since it was the first season the producers were probably cheap. I feel sorry for Adrianne since she really did deserve some kind of prize money. Instead she had to whore herself out to more reality TV and marry a Brady. Really I find it amusing that none of these “Top Models” ever end up being something. Come on girls, Carrie Underwood won a Country Music Award. The Top Model girls really are the underachievers of the Reality TV world. They should start putting them into the Real World/Road Rules Challenge series. Ohhhh, MTV, Tyra, call me. We will do lunch.