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Joe Simpson is Still Freaking People Out

October 20, 2006

Via Best Week Ever this morning Joe Simpson is still creeping people out with his strange “management” of his daughter Jessica.

Now I remember back in the day when Jess was all into Jesus and her father was all freaked out about her going off and boinking Nick before they actually got to the altar. Since she’s already popped her cherry, Jesus is evidently all ok about her romping around with every flavor of the month musician. Ya, keep telling yourself that Joe.

I mean, it is really weird that Joe is now taking dirty pictures of his daughters. But I see that all the time on Law and Order:SVU…wait, those dudes go to jail.

Eat at Joe’s

September 21, 2006

Apparently Joe Simpson didn’t get the memo that Dukes of Hazzard sucked. He’s planning to open a chain of restaurants called Daisy Dukes, to capitalize on that one movie that capitalized on his daughter’s tits and ass. I don’t understand how he has time for this sort of endeavor, between micromanaging his daughters’ careers and personally photographing their breasts just so, but where there is money to be made from his children’s sexuality, there you will find Joe Simpson.

The former reverend plans to launch the restauarant in Las Vegas in 2007. Look for Ride Me: The Jessica Simpson Amusement Park by early 2009.